Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School Field Trip!

Avery's preschool had their annual field trip to the pumpkin patch last week. It's always a lot of fun! Avery and I went together. I always love getting to do things just the two of us. I think she soaks up my full attention. She had a blast; I loved seeing her interact with her school friends. Fun day!

Ariel! A little foreshadowing of what's to come this Halloween:)

I think this is so cute. Daddy does not;)

She seems to flock to all the boys and them to her. Oh Lordy!

With bestie, Avery Kate

 Through the years....because I'm sentimental like that and like to make myself cry.

Her first field trip, age 2

Age 3. She changed so much from age 2 to 3!
Age 4. What a difference a year makes.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The last few weeks...

I have been MIA in blog world!! My computer is too low on space, so the Apple Store tells me, and my camera is acting up. Not a good combo. Life has been busy and wonderful. These girls keep my heart full and my body exhausted! Decided to put all my phone pics on the blog from the last few weeks so I don't get too behind on recording our memories. 

My sweet babies one morning being their sweet selfs:)

Avery's first note to me. The first sentence she ever wrote without me writing it for her to copy first. So sweet.

Luke did a team triathlon with some friends from church last week. I took the girls to watch him. It was so fun despite the fact that I had to have them out the door at 6:15. They have never gotten up any where near that time so that was interesting, but once we got there it was great. It was a one person triathlon for me getting there that early and hauling the double stroller a few miles to the race! Avery was so proud and thinks Daddy can do anything. Totally her hero. It was really neat to cheer him on after months of him training for it.

We love our front porch swing and sit on the porch a lot. So relaxing! 

My girls in the basket at Home Depot. Melt. Me

Happy Fall! Avery really got into decorating the house for Fall this year. She even needed to have some decor in her room. Too funny! She seems to love decorating and making spaces feel "homey" as she calls it. She tells me what looks good and I love it. She told me my room needed more color the other day. Ha!
The porch I let her do and the wreath we made together.

This little cutie is a stinker! She is getting so big and so feisty! She has more of an attitude than my 4 year old! Love her to bits
She's into everything and really keeps me on my toes these days

Let Avery take her own basket and baby in the store one day. It was her own personal heaven. It's the little things:)

My little gymnast is still loving gymnastics. She is doing so well and seems so natural. I love seeing her love something so much and try so hard. Proud mama.

ACU! We went for ACU lectures in September. I love Abilene. Such a special place in my heart for that town. We showed the girls where we met, our first house and the campus. It was great to see Luke's parents too! Avery loved "KCU" as she called it. She plans to go there to become a mommy she says. :)
My babies on campus. I feel like I was just a student there and now I have TWO kids sitting by the campus center while I take a million pics of them. Wild

We loved hanging with some friends of ours, the Storments. These girls grew up together as babies and always pick right up where they left off. Precious friends!

Some students from the Optimist(ACU's newspaper) saw the girls playing and asked if they could photograph for the newspaper. Kinda crazy but I let them and it was super cute. 
Daddy and Aves before one of Luke's lectures

My sweet baby. I think she'll be 15 and I'll still think of her as a baby:)

One day Avery tells me she wants to be "outside with nature." I told her the backyard was all hers. This is how I found her later. Couch pillow, laying on a towel, chillin with a mag. Crazy girl.

We are loving our new neighborhood so much! The girls love to visit the pond and see the ducks and the weather has been perfect for that! We have lots of nice neighbors and even several of Avery's preschool teachers and friends live on our street or a few streets over. It's nice to finally be settled in after all the moving drama as well.

My little TEXAS fans are super excited about today's game! Hook 'em! 

That's the end of the phone pics. I need to do better about recording our memories! I guess I'm just too busy making them and too tired at the end of the day. Such is motherhood I guess!