Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Girl

My little baby is getting big! I'm not too sure how I feel about that:( She is so much fun though. Smiling all the time and starting to do some big girl things.

She likes to sit in her chair next to her big sister and watch Praise Baby. Avery is so sweet and lets her watch her's first and then she picks a movie she likes.
She tried the jumper for the first time and really liked it! I'm still in denial that she is old enough to do this. I put in Avery in it at 4 months so I figured it was time to accept that Addy was old enough:)
She found a new teether :)
playing together so sweetly with one of the presents Aunt Laura and Uncle Blaine gave her
Standing up at the table on her own! So not ready for this...
Big sister surprisingly still meets the weight requirements to play too, at her whopping 26.5 pounds :) Fun day with my girls!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Seems like we have been busy around the Norsworthy house lately. Here's what's been going in pictures.

Our church had it's 2 year anniversary. It was a great day. Can't believe how far God has brought us in the last two years! Our church family is so special to us! We had a meal after the service. Nothing like a good old fashion potluck!
some of the sweet kiddos singing Happy Birthday

Little miss has been working on a tooth. Poor thing! She insists to be held all the time:) I don't mind except I can't get a thing done. If I sit her down she actually pouts and whines, it's quite pitiful.
Sweet girl is happy like this:)
Poor Avery got sick for the first time this season with Strep. She had super high fevers and looked pitiful. She never complained once, she just slowed down a bit and cuddled with me more. This was the first time she's been really sick:( She's only had colds, and a few ear infections in the past. It was sad. She's almost back to normal now, thankful!
Sweet girls. Avery likes to play with Adalyn more and more. I love it.
We went to a princess party for sweet Kallie and Klaire. It was totally adorable to see Avery and all her best buddies dressed and up and in full princess mode!

We had a great weekend at my parents. Pretty sure both girls didn't want to come back home! Papa pulled Avery around in the wagon a lot and she loved seeing the horses and cows. The weather was beautiful!

My parents have mine and my sister's old toys for Avery to play with and she is in Heaven with it all.

My cousin's sweet boy, Rhyder, turned one. The girls and I got to go to the party. He's such a sweet and adorable boy. Can't believe he is one! He had a huge scare with Croup recently and I'm so glad he's home from the hospital and pulled through it all.

Ice cream on the patio in January! That's Texas for you. Whatever Avery's little heart desires, she gets with Papa and Nini.;)

So that's the past few weeks in a nutshell! Happy weekend every one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sister Love

"Sisters don't need words. They have perfected a language of smiles and frowns and winks - expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief. Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs - that can undermine any tale you're telling. The best thing about having a sister is that you always have a friend."

~Pam Brown

I love having my sister and I love having sisters! These two make my heart smile every day. Avery truly adores her sister and Adalyn can't take her eyes off her big sister. It's quite possibly the sweetest, closet thing to Heaven I have ever seen. I know I'm bias and every mom thinks this of her children.:) I just love they way they love each other. It's something so different than a parent loving their child. It's just an incredible bond I guess. Last night, Avery said she wanted to give Adalyn her bath. So I let my three year old bathe her five month old baby sister while I sat and watched with tears rolling down my cheeks. She washed her little head so gently while Adalyn smiled and cooed at her the whole time. She washed her little tummy and kissed it after she rinsed it off. Then she leaned down to Adalyn's ear and said, " I love you 'Adawyn' and I'm so glad your ear infection is gone. That made me sad when you were sick" I think my heart skipped a beat for real. There's nothing like seeing your kids love each other. Sorry, this is quite mushy and you probably think I'm a hormonal mess, probably I am, but that was a memory I never want to forget.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Raising Children

I have seen bits and pieces of this article a few places and my friend, Amber, sent it to me the other day. It made me laugh and encouraged me a bit. I do feel like I try to enjoy every minute of the day with my babies and most of the time I do, but there are plenty of days I feel like I'm just surviving and trying my best to take care of them while keeping my head above water.:) Hope you enjoy, my fellow momma friends!

"Every time I'm out with my kids -- this seems to happen:

An older woman stops us, puts her hand over her heart and says something like, "Oh, Enjoy every moment. This time goes by so fast."

Everywhere I go, someone is telling me to seize the moment, raise my awareness, be happy, enjoy every second, etc, etc, etc.

I know that this message is right and good. But, I have finally allowed myself to admit that it just doesn't work for me sometimes. Especially during this phase of my life - while I'm raising young kids. Being told, in a million different ways to CARPE DIEM makes me worry that if I'm not in a constant state of intense gratitude and ecstasy, I'm doing something wrong.

I think parenting young children (and old ones, I've heard) is a little like climbing Mount Everest. Brave, adventurous souls try it because they've heard there's magic in the climb. They try because they believe that finishing, or even attempting the climb are impressive accomplishments. They try because during the climb, if they allow themselves to pause and lift their eyes and minds from the pain and drudgery, the views are breathtaking. They try because even though it hurts and it's hard, there are moments that make it worth the hard. These moments are so intense and unique that many people who reach the top start planning, almost immediately, to climb again. Even though any climber will tell you that most of the climb is treacherous, exhausting, killer. That they literally cried most of the way up.

And so I think that if there were people stationed, say, every thirty feet along Mount Everest yelling to the climbers -- "ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELF!? IF NOT, YOU SHOULD BE! ONE DAY YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU DIDN'T!" TRUST US!! IT'LL BE OVER TOO SOON! CARPE DIEM!" -- those well-meaning, nostalgic cheerleaders might be physically thrown from the mountain.

Now. I'm not suggesting that the sweet old ladies who tell me to ENJOY MYSELF be thrown from a mountain. These are wonderful ladies. Monkees, probably. But last week, a woman approached me in the Target line and said the following: "Sugar, I hope you are enjoying this. I loved every single second of parenting my two girls. Every single moment. These days go by so fast."

At that particular moment, Amma had arranged one of the new bras I was buying on top of her sweater and was sucking a lollipop that she must have found on the ground. She also had three shop-lifted clip-on neon feathers stuck in her hair. She looked exactly like a contestant from Toddlers and Tiaras. I couldn't find Chase anywhere, and Tish was grabbing the pen on the credit card swiper thing WHILE the woman in front of me was trying to use it. And so I just looked at the woman, smiled and said, "Thank you. Yes. Me too. I am enjoying every single moment. Especially this one. Yes. Thank you."

That's not exactly what I wanted to say, though.

Parenting is hard. Just like lots of important jobs are hard. Why is it that the second a mother admits that it's hard, people feel the need to suggest that maybe she's not doing it right? Or that she certainly shouldn't add more to her load. Maybe the fact that it's so hard means she IS doing it her own way...and she happens to be honest.

I love having parented. My favorite part of each day is when the kids are put to sleep (to bed) and Craig and I sink into the couch to watch some quality TV, like Celebrity Wife Swap, and congratulate each other on a job well done. Or a job done, at least.

My point is this. I used to worry that not only was I failing to do a good enough job at parenting, but that I wasn't enjoying it enough. Double failure. I felt guilty because I wasn't in parental ecstasy every hour of every day and I wasn't MAKING THE MOST OF EVERY MOMENT like the mamas in the parenting magazines seemed to be doing. I felt guilty because honestly, I was tired and cranky and ready for the day to be over quite often. And because I knew that one day, I'd wake up and the kids would be gone, and I'd be the old lady in the grocery store with my hand over my heart. Would I be able to say I enjoyed every moment? No.

But the fact remains that I will be that nostalgic lady. I just hope to be one with a clear memory. And here's what I hope to say to the younger mama gritting her teeth in line:

"It's helluva hard, isn't it? You're a good mom, I can tell. And I like your kids, especially that one peeing in the corner. She's my favorite. Carry on, warrior. Six hours till bedtime!" And hopefully, every once in a while, I'll add -- "Let me pick up that grocery bill for ya, sister. Go put those kids in the van and pull on up -- I'll have them bring your groceries out." "

-Glennon Melton

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adalyn's first bites!

Adalyn tried her first taste of rice cereal tonight. She wasn't too sure about it and will have to get used to it. She wasn't the biggest fan.:) She may be like her big sis who never liked it and moved right on to oatmeal, veggies and fruit. It was fun experiencing her first taste of food though. Sweet memories. Can't believe my baby is almost 6 months old!!

Look at that mad face! She tolerated us and took the bites but wasn't a fan of the taste.

Big sister was a good helper!
Love these baby girls to pieces!!

Seems like just yesterday we were feeding this little baby for the first time! How time flies:(

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


When Avery isn't dressed up as Rapunzel or Cinderella(which is 90% of the day) she has come up with a new "dress up" obsession. Mary. I love the age of make believe and dressing up. Last week she came to me and asked me to help her look like Mary. At first I wasn't sure what she meant and then she explained, "Mom, she's Jesus' mommy of course!" So we did our best and she now loves to play Mary. She knows the story so well and travels from her room through the house to "Bethwaham". When Chloe cooperates, she gets pulled along as the donkey. Daddy is Joseph when he gets home from work. I guess she couldn't think of anything for me so she lets me be the innkeeper.:) Today she told us the baby Jesus was the Savior. So precious. Can you guess who stars as baby Jesus?? The whole thing is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

When the "real" baby Jesus is asleep, the doll fills in:)
Baby Jesus in the manger


Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 months old

Sweet Adalyn,
You have been with us for 5 months now our family has loved every second of you being here! You are such a blessing. You are the happiest baby ever. You seriously rarely ever fuss. I love your giggles, they melt me. You love to laugh at your big sister when she is silly. You have started trying to hold your toys and you put every thing right to your mouth. You are so laid back and are so content to sit in our laps or in your bouncy seat. You started to love watching Praise Baby and Baby Einstein. You're a great eater and sleeper. I wish I could freeze you at this age for a long time because it's SO sweet. I know each month will just get more fun though. I love you so much Addy girl! Being a mommy to you and Avery is my greatest joy.
Happy five months my
precious girl. I love
you to the moon and back!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Twinkies

I was looking through Christmas pictures of the girls at the same age and had to compare them in the same outfits. They both are the cutest things I have ever seen!! I think they look just alike sometimes and other times they look night and day different. They have different little personalties for sure. I love that about them though. Each little thing that makes them who they are is so precious to me. I don't know how you could look at a baby and not believe in God!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

She cracks me up...

Oh Avery, so many of my smiles begin with you. You are such a little character! You keep us laughing all the time. The other day I hear you yelling from the hall, "Mom, come see me! I'm dressed like a mom in the summer time. It's cute, right?" Where do you come up with these things?! And that pose, no words:) Thanks for bringing so much laughter to our home! I love you so much.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

2011 brought us so many blessings, the biggest one being the birth of our sweet Adalyn of course. I have also watched our church grow and become even more of an awesome Christian community of people I love, and I have watched my toddler grow into a precious little girl obsessed with princesses and Hello Kitty. God has been good to us through everything, good and bad. We are blessed! I usually don't make New Year's resolutions cause to be honest, they usually don't work. Last year I was pregnant and chasing around a crazy busy toddler so I just mainly had the goal of surviving 2011.:) This year, I am going to try to love more and worry less. I want to slow down, be a better mom and live in the moment more. I want to soak up more of my girls and worry less about things that don't matter as much. I want to be more like the woman I'm trying to raise my girls to be. If Luke and I can manage, with God's help, to raise them to be good people who love God and all people, then I will be happy. That's a huge goal that I will fight tooth and nail to see come true. That's my New Year's resolution every year. Everything else seems small compared to that.

We had a great New Year's Eve with our friends, the Jacksons. Avery and her bestie, Avery Kate had a blast playing princesses all night. We may have appeared kinda like a zoo at the restaurant that night with all our kiddos, but we had fun.:) I'm thankful for friends who have the same goals for their children as we do. It makes this journey more fun and bearable at times.;) Happy New Year!!!

Christmas part 5

Last stop of the Christmas marathon was Luke's parent's house. Every family member was able to make it this year and it was so much fun! There were 22 people under one roof for Christmas. Loved it! We joked about how much driving we had to do with two young kids at Christmas, but as exhausting as it was, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being with family and I love the way my girls are loved so much by so many people. We are blessed! Christmas 2011 was wonderful.

One of the most special parts of the trip was Luke's Grandmother getting to meet Adalyn for the first time. So precious! They both adored each other:)

Nana and Adalyn
Avery loved playing with Grandpa and watching movies cuddled up with Nana. Good times!

Grandmother turns 92 soon, so we surprised her with a little birthday celebration as well!

Fun with cousins!! Avery is the only girl with a herd of boys but it doesn't bother her a bit. She keeps up with them just fine and loves every minute of it.

Addy spent a lot of time being rocked by every one and she loved it
Luke's parents had a photographer come to take family pics since it's so rare for us all to be together. I snapped a few too! Can't wait to see them all!
Luke's grandmother wanted a picture with all her great-grandchildren. So sweet. Can you believe she's 92 years old and sat right down in the grass like it was nothing and got right back up after the pictures?! I hope I'm like that in 62 years..
My loves!