Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

2011 brought us so many blessings, the biggest one being the birth of our sweet Adalyn of course. I have also watched our church grow and become even more of an awesome Christian community of people I love, and I have watched my toddler grow into a precious little girl obsessed with princesses and Hello Kitty. God has been good to us through everything, good and bad. We are blessed! I usually don't make New Year's resolutions cause to be honest, they usually don't work. Last year I was pregnant and chasing around a crazy busy toddler so I just mainly had the goal of surviving 2011.:) This year, I am going to try to love more and worry less. I want to slow down, be a better mom and live in the moment more. I want to soak up more of my girls and worry less about things that don't matter as much. I want to be more like the woman I'm trying to raise my girls to be. If Luke and I can manage, with God's help, to raise them to be good people who love God and all people, then I will be happy. That's a huge goal that I will fight tooth and nail to see come true. That's my New Year's resolution every year. Everything else seems small compared to that.

We had a great New Year's Eve with our friends, the Jacksons. Avery and her bestie, Avery Kate had a blast playing princesses all night. We may have appeared kinda like a zoo at the restaurant that night with all our kiddos, but we had fun.:) I'm thankful for friends who have the same goals for their children as we do. It makes this journey more fun and bearable at times.;) Happy New Year!!!

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