Monday, November 5, 2012


We had a great Halloween trick or treating in our new neighborhood. I thought I was prepared for all the people that flock to our neighborhood on Halloween from the kind neighbors who had warned, but I had no clue! It was CrAzY! They shut the main street into the neighborhood down to decrease traffic and because one home has a haunted house you can tour. Several families grilled out and gave out free food and drinks. We had floods of kids at our house; at one point there was a line going up the driveway. I had over 600 pieces of candy and we only gave one piece per kid and still ran out. I believe the neighbors now and will be more prepared next year:) It was a lot of fun though! We went up and down our street and got plenty of candy, everyone just sat outside their home which was nice. Luke and Avery handed out candy from our porch and Avery enjoyed this more than trick or treating. 

One of my favorite pics of Avery. She was so proud of the pumpkin she carved with Daddy:)
Ariel and her little fish friend. Poor Adalyn was the little 'friend' to all of Avery's costume ideas. She was either going to be the camillian lizard friend of Rapunzel or the Flounder fish from Ariel. Fish it was, and the cutest fish I've seen:) One year she'll have an opinion on things and that will mess with Avery's plans;)

 I didn't make Adalyn sweat in her costume for trick or treating. It was so warm out and she was content to watch all action from her stroller while snacking on some chocolate:)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fest 2012

Fall Fest at Venture this year was a lot of fun as always. Avery had a blast with her buds and she's still talking about it. It's a lot of work but so much fun for us and the community! We had a little smaller turn out this year than the first year we did it, but it was kinda nice because I actually got to talk to people and meet lots of new faces. Fun memories!

My little sea creatures,  Little Mermaid and the little Fishy

some of our group praying before it started

 Avery liked the batman trunk

Our Under the Sea trunk. All Avery's idea!

 Luke, Avery and Avery Kate

 The best buddies, the Averys'

 Chic Fil a cow came as a princess and Avery was thrilled

 Enjoying the train rides. I think Avery rode 20 times:)

 Petting zoo!

My sister and Blaine came to help out. Couldn't have done it without them! With all I had to do to set up that day, they were a lifesaver with the girls! We loved having them here.

The girls really adore their Aunt and Uncle:)

More Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I took the girls to a little pumpkin patch by our house one afternoon. They had fun playing in all the pumpkins. They were having too much fun to look at the camera but I finally snapped a few before we left. 

We had to make one last fun to the pumpkin patch with some friends before they closed until next year. It was lots of fun! We played for while till the mommas were exhausted and then had a picnic lunch:)

We are in trouble with these two! I think I say that about too many little 'boyfriends' of hers. Oh my!

 Avery and her sweet little buddy Rachel
 This is how Adalyn hung out the whole time. She just laid back and people watched. I joke about her having a little attitude already, but she is usually so laid back.

My attempt to get all the friends to look at me on the wagon ride

Two babies standing in the same spot, in the same jacket, 3 years apart.:)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Through The Years

We love our trips to the Pumpkin Patch each Fall! Here is a look at some pictures through the years!

Avery in 2009 and 2010

Avery in 2011 and 2012

Adalyn 2011
Adalyn 2012

Avery's first Pumpkin Patch in 2008. My sweet, tiny babe!

Avery's first trip to the Flower Mound PP in 2009

 Adalyn's first Pumpkin Patch last year. How did she change so much in one year? Wish I could hold her one more time that small!

 Adalyn's first trip to the Flower Mound PP 2011

My sweet little pumkins:)