Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today at MDO, Avery had a Thanksgiving party and praise time. All the kids went to the chapel and sang praise songs and talked about the things that they are thankful for. She learned today want being thankful means. That means more to me than her learning any number, shape or color; I'm so grateful that she goes to a Christian preschool!
I went to her classroom at lunch time for the Thanksgiving feast. All the kids had made their own super cute laminated place mats that they decorated with turkeys made from tracing their hands. (a def. keepsake!) They also wore Indian hats that they had made which totally cracked me up. Avery was so serious about hers and did not like to take it off. ha! She has been telling me all day that she is thankful me and daddy.... and several other things including Dora and Boots. ;) I am so blessed to have so many things to be thankful for, mostly my sweet girl!

Feasting with some of her friends

Love this girl! This face here cracks me up, I have never seen her smile like this :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend with family at my cousin's wedding. Avery was the flower girl; she's getting pretty good at this job now. :) It was a beautiful wedding and Avery looked adorable despite the dog bite on her face. Long story short, a little dog bit her right around her eye when she bent down to look at him. It scared this momma SO bad! Thank God she is fine and it didn't damage her eye. She seems to not be afraid of dogs because of it and I hope it stays that way. As soon as we got home on Saturday night she said hi to Chloe and gave her a big hug. :)
When we were loading up to leave, poor Chloe thought she was going with us. I guess she thought if she offered to drive we might let her go. ;)

I had to document this event! Avery has NEVER fallen asleep in some one's lap since she was about 5 months old. I know that's crazy but true. She has way too much energy to do that and even when she has stayed up way late, she has never done it. Well, the night of the rehearsal dinner I guess she was exhausted and the dog bite incident probably wore her out and she just cuddled up to me and fell asleep. I was in total Heaven!

Can you tell we are sisters?!
Sweet girls!

The girls with the beautiful bride, my cousin Shaylee
Being a flower girl is tough work...she had to take a break afterwards
Dancing with Daddy, priceless
Dancing with Papa!
We couldn't get this girl off the dance floor all night! It was too cute.

The view of downtown Austin was gorgeous!

My favorite part of the wedding was this girl :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Finest Age

I took this pic the other day and thought, "Oh, if I could just freeze her at this age! When everything is magical and she wants to be just like mommy."

I came across this quote and just loved it!

When she was only nine months old,
And plump and round and pink of cheek,
A joy to tickle and to hold,
Before she'd even learned to speak,
Her gentle mother used to say:
"It is too bad that she must grow.
If I could only have my way
Her baby ways we'd always know."

And then the year was turned, and she
Began to toddle round the floor
And name the things that she could see
And soil the dresses that she wore.
Then many a night the mother whispered low:
"Our baby now is such a pearl,
I hate to think that she must grow"
But on she went and sweeter grew,

And then her mother wished she
could keep her always two,
For that's the finest age of all.
She thought the same thing at three,
And four. She sighs to think that
She cannot always be the
Youngster with the laughing eyes.

Oh, little girl, my wish is not
Always to keep you little.
Each night I stand beside your bed
And think of what the years may hold;
And looking down on you I pray
That when we've lost our baby small,
The mother of our woman will say
"This is the finest age of all." -author unknown

Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Update

This is a pic of Luke and I before we had a date night for my birthday last week. He got a sitter and planned a fun night to surprise me! He also got me a new Iphone and a massage! (yes I am the only person I know who has just now jumped on the Iphone train :)) Avery got me a gift certificate to a pottery store to go make a plate with her soon, can't wait! I also got so many sweet phone calls and gifts from my friends on my birthday. It was great!

And on to what all the grandparents care about ;)...Avery is into everything she can find and as always, is very very busy. This pic shows some that. She had gotten into my make up and put mascara all over her face and then pulled out all the dishes out of a cabinet from the kitchen to cook with. She keeps me laughing. Never a dull moment!!

She started wearing pig tails and pony tails now and then. It is the cutest thing! They don't always stay in all day but it's precious while it lasts. She calls them big girl's hair or "tate's hair" because she has seen her friend Avery Kate wear them :)

We had super fun Halloween night with some friends. We went trick or treating and to a big Fall Fest. Avery had fun with her bestie, Casen.
The toddler area at the Fall Fest was on a high school football field and Avery had a blast running the track and the field. I think she liked it better than any of the games. :) Made her Papa proud!
SO cute!