Friday, January 29, 2010

Dress Shopping Weekend

My little sis is getting married! I'm so excited! We are going to look at dresses this weekend and I can't wait. I love weddings and there isn't one more exciting and special than your sister's big day.(except your own of course) A certain little cutie is going to be the flower girl so we will be looking at and trying on dresses for her this weekend too; should be an event in itself. :) Check out their website ,it's still in progress.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rainy Day

We had a fun day despite the yucky weather. We went to Paradise Pond with Avery's buddy, Casen and his mommy, Leah. We also shopped till the kids dropped at the mall afterwards and got some great deals on kids clothes for next year! When we came home, Avery and I both got in our PJ's and have been cuddling, reading books, watching Dora, and eating snacks all afternoon. My kind of day! The rain makes me want to curl up and cuddle with my baby. She's letting me so I'm in heaven. :)

Rain, Rain go away...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Play Date with Avery Kate

Avery Kate came over a few days ago to play and the girls had a blast! Avery Kate cooked several meals for little Avery and served her in the playhouse. It was so cute! I hid so I could take pictures and giggle at how cute they were. Little Avery actually played along and "ate" all meals. These girls are too sweet!

Mustard, cake, cupcakes, and pizza makes a great meal! ;)
How about some icing to go with that?!
Sweet friends

Have a good week every one!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swiper No Swiping

We've got a little swiper at our house! Avery loves to get into my jewelry and usually just wears it around the house, but lately she has been hiding it in random places. A few weeks ago she took Luke's wedding ring. He thought he had lost it for good,when one day Avery comes running in the bedroom with a kleenex box and pulls it out and runs to hand it to Luke. Crazy girl! I had been looking everywhere for a few days for a ring and my bracelet that I wear a lot. When low and behold, I go to put my work shoes on and stuck way down in the toes is some of my jewelry. The tennis shoes and heels had some bracelets and long lost Mac eye shadow too! It was all pushed back in the toes and hidden, I pulled it out to take a pic. I brought Avery in the closet and asked her if she put them in there. She looked at me with a grin like " Yes, what's the big deal mom?" I guess we will have to start hiding things better. :)
For those of you without a toddler who is addicted to Dora, Swiper is the character on the show who swipes things. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too Many Cookies!

two kids, too many cookies at small group....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Park Fun

We have been enjoying the nice warm weather at the park! Avery loves to run and play outside, probably her favorite thing. I took a few quick videos of her while we were there the other day
( I realize unless you are family, these are very boring ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Gym!

Avery started at Little Gym this weekend and LOVED it! We got to meet new friends and she got to learn many new things. Everything from singing, dancing, playing instruments, to gymnastics. Her favorite was the dancing and gymnastics. She really did great for her first time. We were told that she could probably watch her first time and then try the equipment when she got enough confidence down the road. Ha! Yeah right, she was all over it the first day. She loved it. She was really good too; found out she has great balance and landing skills. :) Still haven't figured out how to swing from the bars, but we'll get there! It was a fun day and Luke and I both got to go with her. I was the dorky mom who took pictures.
Running in to get on the mats
Her first forward roll!
Perfect landing off the bars!

Running and playing with her new friends

Headed up to the balance beam

She did great the very first time!

She loved playing with the balls!
Fun with bubbles!
Pointing to the bubbles

Looking at her stamp that she got at the end of class :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My 17 Month Old...

I can't believe you are 17 months old! You are becoming such a big girl! Your little personality is so adorable and I love watching you interact with the world and learn new things. You always wave hi to every one we see, especially in the grocery store. You have started to get frustrated if they don't say hi back to you; you holler at them till they see you and then bust out a big cheesy grin with the wave and very few people can not smile at this! You love to read and I will find you in your playroom "reading" to yourself. We read a hundred books a day sometimes I think! ;) You have started to enjoy coloring too. You are quite the little momma; you love to play with your babies, push them in the stroller and feed them bottles. Lately you are loving showing us where the babies eyes, nose and mouth are. So cute! You are still so active and go 100 miles an hour until you sleep, which you do well. You sleep from 7:30-8pm to 8:30-9am. I know I am spoiled by this! You have started only taking one nap a day around lunch time. Your favorite TV shows are Dora and Little Bear. You get very excited when I let you watch them! Santa became a fascination of yours over Christmas. Whenever you see anything related to Christmas you start yelling "Santa, Santa"! There is a house in our neighborhood that still has a Santa up on their roof and every time we go somewhere in the car, you know when we turn on that street to look up for Santa and you yell his name and get so excited. I think I might cry when they take it down.(I've thought about asking them to leave it up till next year, ha!) I love you so much baby girl! Every time you say "Momma" it melts my heart, even when it's to show me you dumped all your goldfish out in the car. :) I think you are the best thing in the world! As I love to tell you, "I'll like you forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."
Love, Momma

Your first pig tails!
This picture sums you up well! Such a little diva :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dancing with Dora

This video is for you, Aunt Laura, since you have been in Avery withdrawls. :)
She LOVES to dance to the Dora songs and will really get down. Of course when I pull out any kind of camera, she gets shy and won't perform. Lately she has been throwing one hand up in the air and really shaking her booty! It's really funny, don't know where she learned this from!
I just realized how many bracelets she is wearing. She cracks me up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Busy, Fun Weekend!

"I have had a very busy and fun weekend! Two birthday parties in one day and a big Sunday at church...I was good despite missing my nap both days. Mommy is proud of what a big girl I am ;)

First we went to Chuckie Cheese's for my friend Elijah who turned 3. What a fun place! Why haven't mommy and daddy taken me here before??
I loved the "rides" at the party. Mommy couldn't keep me off these things!
Me and my bestie, Avery Kate
Me with the birthday boy, Elijah
Me and my sweet little friends at the table
I got to eat pizza like a big girl at the table. Mommy can't believe how big I am getting!

The next birthday party was for two of my friends, Kallie and Klaire. They are twins and they just turned one! It was a lot of fun! The theme was Dr. Seuss and they were dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. I loved it!
Me and one of the birthday girls! I loved their tutus. :)
Avery Kate and I got to eat cupcakes together at the birthday party!
I could get used to this eating cake twice a day thing. :)

Then on Sunday we had our Grand Opening at church. It went very well! We had food, games, bounce houses and more after church and all the kids had blast. Mommy says it is amazing to see how far the church has come when it seems like just yesterday it was a dream of Daddy's and now it's real. God is good! Every one worked so hard to put it all together. I love all my friends at Venture!
Some of my friends in the nursery

Our friends, Leslie and Eden came! I love my buddy Eden, I miss seeing her all the time since we moved to Denton!
There were two big bounce houses
Face painting
Arts and crafts; I got to make a cute picture frame
Me and Daddy in the bounce house

We had so much fun! "

Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Lady..

Avery has been cracking us up lately, acting like such a big girl. She LOVES to carry a purse and lately she has started wearing a bracelet around. So funny! She likes to carry a purse and then steal my phone and keep it in her purse. :) Papa gave her his old phone so we will charge it and she thinks it's real and will keep it in her purse too, but she loves to steal mine so she can sneak off and call someone. Little toot! She also loves to walk around the house carrying her baby in the carrier like a little momma. She will carry it around and then go load it up in her car like she is going somewhere. Little girls are so fun!!

Love this baby!