Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swiper No Swiping

We've got a little swiper at our house! Avery loves to get into my jewelry and usually just wears it around the house, but lately she has been hiding it in random places. A few weeks ago she took Luke's wedding ring. He thought he had lost it for good,when one day Avery comes running in the bedroom with a kleenex box and pulls it out and runs to hand it to Luke. Crazy girl! I had been looking everywhere for a few days for a ring and my bracelet that I wear a lot. When low and behold, I go to put my work shoes on and stuck way down in the toes is some of my jewelry. The tennis shoes and heels had some bracelets and long lost Mac eye shadow too! It was all pushed back in the toes and hidden, I pulled it out to take a pic. I brought Avery in the closet and asked her if she put them in there. She looked at me with a grin like " Yes, what's the big deal mom?" I guess we will have to start hiding things better. :)
For those of you without a toddler who is addicted to Dora, Swiper is the character on the show who swipes things. ;)