Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Gym!

Avery started at Little Gym this weekend and LOVED it! We got to meet new friends and she got to learn many new things. Everything from singing, dancing, playing instruments, to gymnastics. Her favorite was the dancing and gymnastics. She really did great for her first time. We were told that she could probably watch her first time and then try the equipment when she got enough confidence down the road. Ha! Yeah right, she was all over it the first day. She loved it. She was really good too; found out she has great balance and landing skills. :) Still haven't figured out how to swing from the bars, but we'll get there! It was a fun day and Luke and I both got to go with her. I was the dorky mom who took pictures.
Running in to get on the mats
Her first forward roll!
Perfect landing off the bars!

Running and playing with her new friends

Headed up to the balance beam

She did great the very first time!

She loved playing with the balls!
Fun with bubbles!
Pointing to the bubbles

Looking at her stamp that she got at the end of class :)


Leah J. said...

Precious! I'm so glad Avery liked Little Gym! I am going back and forth between signing C up for SoccerTots again or Little Gym. So many fun things to choose from!! Great pics! I just love that adventurous cutie!

Natasha said...

How fun! Madi & Alex both go to Little Gym and love it:) I