Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Sister's Name


We have a name!


Her full her name will be Laura Adalyn Norsworthy. She has Luke's initials and my sister's first name. We will call her Adalyn or Addy for short. We love the name; it took us forever to decide because we wanted her name to mean something. I love that she is named after two of my most favorite people in the world. I agree with Luke when he said that if she turns out anything like my sister, Laura, we will be so proud. :) So glad to call this little girl something now. Can't wait to see her sweet face! Avery is excited and talks about baby "adawyn" all the time now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Quotable Kid

I just ordered this book the other day call "My Quotable Kid". If you're a mom, it's a great book to have while you have toddlers! Avery constantly cracks me up and I hate that I forget half of the funny things she says. I started writing a few things down to save and then I came across this book. Thought I'd share just a few funnies I already have to put in the book. I know the grandparents will like it:)

Me to Avery, "I'm not very happy with the way you acted in Target. It makes me very sad when you act like that." Avery, "I not very happy! You're being a toot momma!"

I come to pick up Avery from MDO. She screams in front of the class and teachers, "Yay, mommy got out of bed!" Thanks Avery. (Luke had taken her that morning, and yes I was still in bed when she left:))

I told Avery she was my baby this morning, she said, "I not a baby mommy!" I say, "Oh, are you a big girl then?" She answers, "No, I not" "What are you then?" I asked. "I a baby big girl!" I told her she was right and said, "You know you will always be my baby Avery, even when you are big like me and become a mommy too" She looked at me funny and said, " You are really silly mommy"

When asked if she is excited about a baby sister the other day, "Yes mommy, but I not going to share all my stuff with her."

"What did you do at school today Avery?" I asked her. She thinks for a minute, "Ummm, I was flying around on the playground like Tinker Bell." wow

I'm in the store with Avery today and we see a mom with her toddler and baby. Avery says, "Look, she has a baby sister!" and points to the new baby. I was so excited she noticed and thought it was a good thing. I said, "Yes Avery! You get to have one of those soon!" She says, "No, they can keep it."

To a lady in line at the store, "Look mommy, she has a baby in her tummy!" (the lady most likely does not) I swear she is going to get me killed one day with the things she says to strangers! This is mild:) Some cannot be put online!

"I have a boyfriend, his name is Justin" (we don't even have any friends named that, who knows!)

Avery comes walking out of the her room dressed in panties, a t-shirt, boots, a princess back pack on, holding a guitar, and says, "Look mommy, I Fresh Beat Band!" Oh my gosh, she's TWO! (this is a show about a kid band that comes on Nick Jr.)

I told Avery the other day that I am so proud of the way she always poops on the potty and hasn't had any accidents in a long time. She says, "Yay Avery! I think I need a prize about some new shoes!" She def. is my kid! :)

Best one ever, "Mommy, we are best friends, right?"
Love this kid!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I haven't been too good about taking pictures lately. I feel like we have just been too busy having fun and I'm just too tired these days to remember! We had a great Spring Break, Avery and I went down to Austin for a few days to see family. It was so nice and relaxing. Avery loves going to "nini and papa's" house and loves being spoiled out of her mind. :) I enjoyed getting to sleep in way late while the grandparents took Avery out, lots of shopping getting goodies for my TWO girls :) and spending time with all the people I love! We got to see baby cousin Rhyder, he is simply the cutest, chubbiest little thing ever! Avery loves him!

We got to go to all kinds of fun places! Avery's fav was a frozen yogurt place where you can color on the tables and walls. Fun!

We loved getting to play with cutie Cooper too!

Avery spent lots of time outside with Papa. She loves this. I'm so glad she is a little girl who loves playing outside with sticks, rocks and cows :)

When we got home, I think Avery was in withdrawls ;) She probably thinks Luke and I are so boring! She was really glad to see Daddy though! We spent most of the rest of the week outside enjoying this beautiful weather. Avery got a new bike and she feels very big riding it. Her baby enjoys the rides too. She attempted to fit Chloe in the baby seat but it did not work out so well. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Sister

We have been talking with Avery about her baby sister more and more. She likes to remind us that she is the BIG sister and the baby will be a baby. :) Sometimes when we tuck her in at night she tells us she is a baby too, melts my heart. I tell her all the time that she is my baby so I'm glad she stills feels that way.
I made a book of the highlights of Avery's first year a little while back. Avery loves to pull it out and look at all the pictures to see when she was a baby. She thinks it is so funny that she was in mommy's tummy too! She points at the pictures and loves to hear the stories behind them. The other day she pointed to a picture and said, "Oh, mommy and daddy love baby Avery!" So happy she can even see that in the pictures. I think this book will really help her prepare for the new baby sister this summer! Can't wait for Avery to be a big sister! I know myself how special that is and I'm so thankful she will have a little sister to be her best friend like I do.

A peek into the book...

Speaking of baby sister, she is doing great! We had an appointment today and she looks very healthy! SO thankful for that. Being a NICU nurse I know a little too well that it isn't always the case sadly. It was so fun to see her today. She was very active and they had a hard time getting shots because she would not be still for a second. Reminds me of a certain big sister I know:) We love her so much already! Luke and I have the list of names narrowed down to two so hopefully we can call this sweet baby by name soon!

Waving hi!

Sweet little girl

Friday, March 4, 2011

We found out that.....

and we could not be more excited!!!

Especially Avery who said all along that she wanted a sister. :)
"A sister is one of the nicest things that can happen to anyone." ~ Anonymous