Sunday, January 30, 2011


Avery has been growing up way too fast and doing the sweetest and funniest things lately. I just don't want to forget a thing! This is such a fun age. So mainly for me:).....
The other day she ran in the bathroom while I was getting ready and said, "Mommy! I just love you!" Talk about melt me. She loves to sing, I need to record her singing but I get so caught up in how cute it is that I forget! The other day at the store she started randomly singing with much enthusiasm, "There's not a fwriend wike the lowly Jesus, no not one, no not one!" Then she said, "baby Jesus is the best friend!" She learned the song in chapel at school come to find out. :) I remember singing that song in church a long time ago. It makes me so happy the things she learns at MDO. Her teacher says she is the kid in class that entertains them with her dancing and the funny things she says. She told me the other day that when she gets big she wants to play "soccer ball" as she calls soccer. It's really funny because she has never seen a game and Luke and I never talk about soccer. She says not football because only Papa's boys play football. (my dad's FB team) I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up like mommy. She said she wants to "teacher" like her aunt Laura. :) She tells me she is a big girl all the time but then she follows with, "but I still a baby too" I love that! I hope she still thinks she's my baby when she's 16. She loves church and her friends there. She asks to go to church every other day at least. Makes my heart happy! She loves to cuddle. A few times a day she will go grab a blanket and say, "come on mommy let's go cuddle." I think it's all the bedrest I have had that has taught her to love cuddling, whatever it is, I LOVE it! Her little imagination is started to develop more and more and she is a new princess every 10 min. The other day I found her crawling around on the floor with her backpack on. She told me her backpack was her shell and she was a turtle. Who knows!
I hope I never forget this sweet, sweet stage. Gosh, I love this girl!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday Sweetness

I personally think two of the sweetest things in the world are newborns and puppies :) Last Saturday, Avery and I got to love on both! My mom and aunt came to pick us up to take us to Austin to meet my cousin's new baby, Rhyder. He is the sweetest thing! I could just cuddle all 10lb of him all day! I am so happy for my cousin, Jordan and his wife Sarah! Can't wait till my next visit. Avery did pretty well with every one's attention on the baby, it was good practice for this summer. :)
I mean seriously....pure sweetness!

That same day, my sister and her husband went to pick up their new puppy! Oh my, Cooper is a cutie! Made me miss when my Boxers were babies! Avery loved him to death! If only I could have just snatched up both the baby and the pup in my suitcase to take home! ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Peanut,

I love you already. Before you were conceived, I wanted you. From the minute I found out about you, I have been excited and have dreamed about who you will be. You have already taught me a lot in your short little 10 weeks of life. You have forced me to slow down, take it easy, lay on the couch more, read more books to your sister, take naps, and simply relax and notice the little things in life that matter. Your Daddy and I pray for you constantly and we can't wait to know if you are a boy or girl so we can call you by name. For now, baby peanut works. :) You have the best big sister in the world! She will love you and mother you. She will teach you lots and show you the ropes. She has enough energy for you both, so please be laid back. ;)
Keep growing, knowing I love you and would already do anything for you.
Love, Momma

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Princess

My little princess loves to dress up! Its so cute to see her get into costume and make believe. It reminds me so much of my childhood playing with my sister. I still remember all the Disney Princess songs and I have won many points with Aves. :)
I have spent a lot of time laying on the playroom floor and watching her play because I have been feeling yucky with this pregnancy. Just kinda like I have the flu almost. I'm so ready to get through the first trimester and hopefully be done with the nausea. Avery has been so sweet and will just play with me while I lay around. She'll say, "I sorry your tummy hurt momma" It melts me. She also has been cuddling a lot. This is NOT common at all for my little busy body baby! I guess she just knows I need it. We have laid around and cuddled through entire movies...heavenly!
When she is in costume, she expects to be called Ariel or whoever it is. Cracks me up! She will say, "Momma, I Ariel!" in a very annoyed voice if I forget.

Cinderella has always had trouble keeping her shoes on I guess ;)

Princess Belle
So this is the way we spend a lot of the day. The best thing about feeling crummy :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with the families!

We had a great time seeing pretty much all sides of the family for Christmas! I love that we are able to do this and I love teaching Avery the importance of family. I intended on doing a post for each one but I just don't have the energy so here are the highlights.
We started off in Austin with my family. Avery enjoyed her last Christmas as the only child. Next year will be so different! My cousin will have a little one and so will we; I can't wait!
She was completely spoiled and we are still in detox mode at home. ;) The other day she said, "Another Jesus party? Santa come?" Oh no baby girl, only once a year! We had a great time and being together and enjoying some family Christmas traditions.

My fam

Such the purse lady this girl! She must have one at all times :)
helping Aunt Laura
She was SO excited when she discovered her Barbie Jeep outside!

Later that day we enjoyed more presents and yummy food with my extended family. It was so much fun!
We decorate homemade sugar cookies courtesy of my Aunt Gina. They are so yummy and Avery really enjoyed decorating this year. Sweet memories!

Loving her new high chair for her babies :)
Good times in the jeep learning to drive with Daddy! Thanks, Nini and Papa!

We then loaded up and headed to Abilene to see Luke's family. It was a blast! Avery adores her cousins, Gage and Griffin. They are the sweetest, most gentle little boys with her. It is so adorable. I think she has them wrapped around her little pinky. :)

Enjoying her new Princess doll.
Love this excited face about her new Princess musical vanity! Thanks, Grandpa and Nana!