Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with the families!

We had a great time seeing pretty much all sides of the family for Christmas! I love that we are able to do this and I love teaching Avery the importance of family. I intended on doing a post for each one but I just don't have the energy so here are the highlights.
We started off in Austin with my family. Avery enjoyed her last Christmas as the only child. Next year will be so different! My cousin will have a little one and so will we; I can't wait!
She was completely spoiled and we are still in detox mode at home. ;) The other day she said, "Another Jesus party? Santa come?" Oh no baby girl, only once a year! We had a great time and being together and enjoying some family Christmas traditions.

My fam

Such the purse lady this girl! She must have one at all times :)
helping Aunt Laura
She was SO excited when she discovered her Barbie Jeep outside!

Later that day we enjoyed more presents and yummy food with my extended family. It was so much fun!
We decorate homemade sugar cookies courtesy of my Aunt Gina. They are so yummy and Avery really enjoyed decorating this year. Sweet memories!

Loving her new high chair for her babies :)
Good times in the jeep learning to drive with Daddy! Thanks, Nini and Papa!

We then loaded up and headed to Abilene to see Luke's family. It was a blast! Avery adores her cousins, Gage and Griffin. They are the sweetest, most gentle little boys with her. It is so adorable. I think she has them wrapped around her little pinky. :)

Enjoying her new Princess doll.
Love this excited face about her new Princess musical vanity! Thanks, Grandpa and Nana!

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