Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas part 3

The Christmas marathon continues! Christmas number three was at my grandma and grandpa's house. So many sweet memories at their house over the years! We had a great time with family and the girls loved every minute of it. Some pics I took to capture the memories this year...

opening gifts!

Cousins, Rhyder and Adalyn
I think Rhyder looks cute as a little girl!
Our little family
sweet Christmas baby
Addy loves her Nini!
Two of my favorite people:)
Papa and his favorite little girls
Grandparents and all their sweet greats:)

Fun with cousins!

As we do every year, we enjoyed decorating and eating my Aunt's YUMMY sugar cookies

By the end of the night, Papa and Aves were partied out:)
What a great Christmas celebration with family! Love them!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Happy Birthday Jesus" -Avery

Christmas part 2- at home

Christmas with our little family was so sweet. I loved experiencing it through Avery. It was priceless. This is such a fun age to believe in Santa because it is so real to her. She wanted so badly to see him come down the chimney that night!

We left him a cupcake from Jesus' birthday party and some carrots for his reindeer. Avery also drew him a picture.

We read the story of Jesus' birth that night before bed.
And then Santa left some good stuff for the girls while they slept:)
Avery was so excited when she ran in that morning, at 10am I might add! She didn't even know where to start, she was just giggling. Loved it.

The present full of what she wanted most, Tangled dress up. She was in awe that Santa got it all right. It's was so sweet to see the magic in her eyes.

Me and my baby on her 1st Christmas:)
Then one of my favorite memories happened, Avery opened all of Adalyn's gifts and showed them all to her. It was too sweet for words. She is so sweet to her baby sister and Adalyn just watched each one like she knew exactly what was happening. Avery would talk her in a sweet little voice and be excited about each gift she got, then she would lean down and hug her periodically. They way they love each other makes me want to have 15 kids. (but not that bad;)

Me and all the Christmas presents I ever wanted:)
Daddy and his girls!
Avery got a nurse outfit like mommy's and she was very proud. I asked her to show me her scrubs and this is the pose I got. She kills me!
Suddenly Daddy felt sick and needed a check up;)

Little princesses. Avery requested Addy in her castle tent.
Needless to say, we had fun playing with the toys Santa brought all day. It was a wonderful Christmas with the people I love most.

Happy Birthday Jesus

We had our annual "Happy Birthday Jesus" party on our family's Christmas eve last night. This is year number 3 and we hope to continue until the girls are grown up! It's so much fun and it really reminds Avery what Christmas is about and why we have it to begin with. It's so easy to get lost in all the other stuff. This year we baked cupcakes for the party, yum! Avery picked out everything for the cupcakes and decorated them. She wanted to understand why Jesus wouldn't come to his party. We explained the best we could and then she said, "So he's not coming? That's kinda rude" Leave it to a three year old:) She cracks me up constantly. Despite the fact that Jesus was only here in spirit, we had a great family night celebrating His birth. Sweet memories!

Avery made one to leave for Santa and a few carrots for the reindeer. She also made a picture of baby Jesus' birth to give to Santa. This was her idea and I loved it.
Adalyn enjoyed watching Avery in action like she always does:)

This picture makes me smile

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas part one!

We had our first of many Christmas with family this weekend. This one was Houston style:) It was so much fun to see family, a lot of them I haven't seen since last Christmas. Avery enjoyed playing with cousins and seeing Santa and Adalyn got to meet lots of new family members. I love this time of year spent with the people I love so much!! Here are some pics from the weekend...

Adalyn meeting my papaw for the first time! So sweet
This picture makes me cry

She got to meet memaw too:) They are my dad's parents and
Adalyn is their 4th great-grandbaby
Avery loved playing with her cousins that she doesn't get to see much.
Her and Elise were buddies:)

We always have a white elephant gift exchange with the adults. It's so much fun to see what everyone gets! Luke got a camo santa hat and a big oxen:)

Sweet Addy got passed around all weekend and loved all the cuddles. She also made her longest road trip yet to Houston and did great. She never made a noise in the car the whole 5 hour trip. I don't know how I got so lucky with her!

My cousin Shaylee with her new baby, Campbell. She is just too cute, I could just eat her up!! The girls are 2 months apart.
Me and my cousin Sheena, love her!!

Santa came to bring gifts and the kids LOVED it

Adalyn found a lap whenever she could to pass out
Cousins Seth, Avery and Hunter. We get their picture together every year and I can't believe how much they have changed!
Sweet Allison. She just loved the babies and was so good with them

My cousin Corrie and her cute little boy, Zane

Pianta time!