Friday, December 16, 2011

There's something about Christmas time,
makes you wish it was Christmas every day..

We are just loving December around here! Avery is gearing up for Jesus' birthday party:) We were questioning her on what she was going to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas and she listed several things and then said, "But Jesus is the best gift right?" Our teachers at church have really been teaching this and we have at home as well. It was so sweet to see in sink in with her. Made my heart smile! We had a great Venture Christmas party that I took no pictures at. We also adopted a family in need this year with our church family. We got to spend the evening with them last night and bless them. It was a great experience! Avery also had a little Christmas party at school with her friends. They had a book exchange and it was super sweet. I feel like we are so busy I can barely catch my breath but it's so much fun!

My little loves visiting Santa! Once again, Avery was quite in love with Santa and Adalyn was along for the ride:)

"Santa, I want some Tangled dress up and toys for Christmas"
I love how she whispered in his ear!

"Santa, my baby sister can't talk but she wants some baby toys" That melted my heart.

Addy girl's first time to meet Santa!

Avery was very excited about visiting Santa. He gave her a book and she thought that was the coolest thing:)

Can't believe it's this girl's first Christmas! Seems like yesterday that it was Avery's.
She's very excited about it too:)

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