Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!!! We are having a low key New Year's this year. We had plans for tonight with friends and then poor Avery came down with a tummy bug. :( So we have stayed home all evening. It has been kinda nice in a way to slow down and just hang out at home together. We had take out, watched movies and cuddled with Aves. As you can see by the picture, she did not feel good most of the day. Broke my heart, but I absolutely loved the cuddle time. She let me hold her like a baby and we rocked and watched Dora episodes. If only she would let me do that when she wasn't sick! By bed time she was feeling a lot better so hopefully tomorrow she will be over it.
2009 has been great for our family, we feel very blessed. We are looking forward to what 2010 will bring and how God will show his faithfulness. Happy New Year everyone!!

Sweet baby
I can't believe how much she has changed since last year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Angel

It snowed today in Denton! So much fun! Avery had seen snow on the ground over Christmas, but had never been outside when it was actually snowing; she thought it was pretty neat. :) We recorded a little clip of her outside in it on my new Flip that my parents got me. I plugged it in the computer and had it on the blog in 2 minutes, I love this thing! Anyone with kids should get one! Please excuse my annoying voice on here. ;)

Christmas part 3

Let the Christmas celebrations continue! After celebrating in Houston the weekend before, we had a great Christmas with my family in Austin! Of course Avery was spoiled over the top. ;) Luke and I got some really nice things too! It was great to be with family, we had a blast! Avery really enjoyed opening gifts and she would say "Santa" which made everything so much fun. I love this time of year!
Sitting in her chair and reading Christmas books at Mimi and Papa's on Christmas Eve

Looking at what Santa brought!
Aunt Laura got her a new shopping cart, she loves it! She also got some adorable clothes!

Opening one of her favs, Tickle Me Elmo
Stocking time!
She LOVED her new car from Mimi and Papa! She sat in it forever and piled all of her other toys in it. :)

Playing with her new vacuum, another fav. toy from Mimi & Papa
Our little family

She even got to go for a ride on the tractor with Papa one day when the weather was nice!

Christmas part 4

We also had Christmas at my Grandparents house. It was lots of fun, presents and good food! Avery loved being around everyone and was spoiled further. :)

It's safe to say the playhouse from great-grandma and grandpa was a hit! Her favorite thing is to ring the door bell and open and close the door!

Digging in!

opening presents with Laura
Our family on Christmas
She loves her Aunt!

Sitting with my cousin, Jordan. I managed to not get pics with anyone else :(

Christmas part 5

We also really enjoyed Christmas with Luke's parents! Avery loves playing with her cousins. She followed them everywhere and tried to play with their Nerf guns the whole time. They are so sweet and patient with her. We all enjoyed being together!
She got to spend some fun time with Aunt Kippa!
She loves her Little People Nativity scene from Grandpa and Nana! It's neat to teach her about what Christmas is really about.

Opening presents
Kissing Cousins!
Avery loves her cousins, Gage and Griffin!

Sweet Cousins!

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Avery and I made a road trip to celebrate Christmas with some of the family in Houston. Luke couldn't make it this year b/c he had to preach on Sunday; we really missed him! My dad's side of the family always celebrates the weekend before Christmas. It's always so much fun! All my cousins are there and family that I haven't seen in a long time. Avery loved being around every one. She was so friendly and let anyone and everyone hold her and play with with her. There were plenty of little kids for her to play with too. I love having such a big family and getting to celebrate Christmas with them! All in all, we have 4 Christmas gatherings every year. It's alot of traveling for Avery, but she has loved every second of it. On Sunday after church, Santa always comes to the house and brings all the kids a present. Avery may have loved every one of the 40 people there,but she did NOT like Santa! It was funny and sad at the same time. Poor thing! She did get a little better once he gave her a gift and she opened it. It's ironic as much as she hated Santa, she did say her fifth word this weekend, Santa. Ha! I guess she heard it so many times. She would walk around the house and point to all the Santa decor and say it over and over. Maybe next year she'll be ready for Santa!
We stopped and ate Mexican food on the way down to Houston. Avery sat in my lap and ate half of my enchilada plate while using her fork the whole time! She's getting so big!

opening her presents
looking at the tree with cousin Elise (she was fascinated with her!)

Playing with her Papa
Playing with Elise
Reading her new Elmo book with Mimi
Snuggle time with Uncle Steve and little cousin Zane
Avery loves aunt Laura!
Sis, my cousin Corrie and me
All the kiddos get to hit a pinata every year. Avery loved it!

Avery and Seth hit it off. They even have the same birthday!

The three littlest ones in the family. So cute!

Avery and some of her cousins
I love this pic; looking at the big girls!
To say Avery didn't like Santa would be an understatement!
She got happy when we started opening her present from Santa

this was the only santa she liked :)

pretty girl

Me and my girl

Hope you all enjoy Christmas with your family!!