Sunday, November 27, 2011


"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

Best attempt at a family pic this year. That's life with a three year old sometimes. Still thankful for her:)

I think it's easy to see what I'm most thankful sweet, sweet babies.
My little pilgrim:)
Addy had a good first Thanksgiving:)
We spent some time in Abilene with Luke's parents and had a great time! Then we headed to Austin to see my family. It was so much fun getting to spend time with everyone. I'm so thankful for family I love so much.

The girls love Grandpa. (Luke's dad)
Everyone got their share of cuddle time with sweet Adalyn
Avery loved playing with Justin. He lets her boss him around:) She's just a tad spoiled when we are with family cause she's the oldest grandkid.
Sweet baby girl just passed out on the floor while we ate. She is just so easy going.
Cousins! Rhyder and Avery. They love eachother.
Avery loved playing with his toys too:)
Addy and Aunt Laura. Mutual love
Avery stealing kisses from her Papa!
The girls with my parents

Hope every one had a great Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for in Jesus.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Girl

Life with a crazy little 3 year old is so fun. Avery keeps me laughing all the time. I must document her funnies so I never forget what she was like at this age.:) She is SO full of personality. She is sassy and very sweet and sensitive at the same time. She really never slows down. I joke that she is either asleep or going 100 miles an hour. She's been like that her whole life and when she was about 18 months old, I didn't know if I would survive the toddler years chasing her;) She will talk a stranger's arm off and quite often embarrasses me in public by what she says. It's so innocent though so I just have to pray that other people either don't hear her or aren't offended! Here's the funny things I remember from this week....She walked out of her room last night after being tucked into bed and I said, "Avery get back in bed it's time to go to sleep." She says, " Mom, hold on just 2 seconds, I just came out here to tell you some truth. I have been playing in my room for a wittle bit while you thought I was asleep, okay?"
I took her to the park to play cause the weather is so nice and there was another little girl there. The little girl was a little shy and kinda acted sad(or maybe Avery was just a little too much for her:) Avery said to her and her mom, "Why is she sad? Is it because she doesn't know me and she isn't my friend? I'll be her friend!" Too sweet and funny. Poor thing thinks everyone is just dying to be her friend I guess.
She told a lady in line at Walmart that her pants looked "just a wittle bit dirty and kinda weird". That was awesome.
She calls her hair crazy hair when she needs it combed and fixed. So when we saw a women at the store who really did need to comb her hair, she had no problem shouting, "Mom, that lady (while pointing straight at her) has crazy hair like I do sometimes at home." See why I get embarrassed??:)
After I set her plate in front of her at dinner tonight she says to me, "oh, that looks delicious sweetheart."
As a man wheeled his wife ,who was in a wheelchair, past us in a parking lot one day, Avery says to her, "That's a cool stroller." She smiled.
She is constantly standing on the fire place putting on "shows" for us and performing. It's quite hilarious. The other day when ran in Target to get just one thing so I let her walk with me. She spotted this platform that was displaying a baby stroller, baby bed and such. She thought it must be a stage for her to show off, so she proudly ran up on and it and shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my show!" There were two or three people near by who died laughing. I did too.
Avery, being your mom is both exhausting and so fun. You make my life so much better and so many of my smiles begin with you. I love you SO much! I hope you have a little girl just like you one day so will know the joy you have brought to me.

Some pics from this week that make me smile...
Yes, she is using the ENTIRE roll of TP. I just happened to walk by the bathroom to catch this. She said,"It's important to wipe mom."

Wearing my wedding veil...sniff, sniff

Friday, November 18, 2011


Sweet sisters. Makes my heart happy. Avery loves to play with Addy. She's obviously too little to play but she sure smiles and coos when Avery "plays" with her. Avery asked me if she could play babies with Adalyn the other day and so I let her, with supervision of course.:) I love that Avery loves her so much. Since day one, she has never said a negative word about her new sister despite the fact that it had to have been a hard adjustment for her having to share our attention. She just loves her to pieces! I see a little glimpse of Heaven when I see them together.

I love how Addy's little worried eyes are looking at me like, "mom, save me!" Too presh

Monday, November 14, 2011

I can dress myself

We reached a sad new phase in our house. All I hear when it's time to go somewhere is, "I can dress myself mom!" It's very sweet but sometimes what she comes up with kills me. Part of the fun of having little girls is dressing them up and I sadly have to almost bribe her to wear the cute outfits I want her to wear! It's quite often either Hello Kitty or a princess dress that she wants. I think I have finally convinced her that we don't need to dress up in Cinderella's Ball dress to go to the store, we can save that for home. Her argument for a long time was, "but Mom, I am Cinderella today and I need people to know that." How do you argue that?? I hate to crush her spirits so I often caved but luckily she has chosen to leave the tiaras and dress up at least for now anyways. I try to let her do her thing and not constantly tell her no when she picks things out, but sometimes it's a must. I just have to take her picture sometimes and laugh at what she comes up with. :)

This made it out of the house. Everything from head to toe is HK. She was very proud of herself and made sure to show anyone in Target who would pay enough attention to her.
She lost this argument... I love how her shoes are on the wrong feet to top it off
This might have been okay but it was 40 degrees out so we had to have a 20minute discussion about the seasons and how we wear appropriate clothes according to them. I was almost too tired to go anywhere by the time we were ready;)
This posing cracks me up. We were going to dinner and she came running out saying she was all ready. She said, "I look so pretty, right mom?" That she did. She is becoming quite the diva:)

At least this little cutie let's me pick out whatever I want still. I better enjoy it while I can :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Adalyn's Welcome Video

Luke made a video of Adalyn's birth story. I just love it. I know the girls will love to watch their videos as they grow up. Avery already loves to watch hers. Can't believe it was 12 weeks ago. Makes me cry every time I see it (please excuse how rough I look...all natural will do that to a momma:) Thanks for working so hard on this Luke. He is such a good daddy...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Months Old

Addy girl,
You're 3 months old! I almost let the day slip away from me before I realized it was your big day. It just doesn't seem like three months have come and gone. You are a pure JOY. You're just the best baby ever! (Avery, I love you just the same, you were just a tad more high maintenance for momma;)) You are just so content all the time. You never cry unless you get too tired. You like your paci when you're sleepy or hungry. You still nurse every 3 hours during the day and you have slept through the night several times already but not consistently, usually you will go anywhere from 4-8 hours at night. You smile all the time and love it when people talk to you. You started giggling and it melts me. You really love to be held, it doesn't bother me a bit if I'm spoiling you;) You like riding in the car, the swing, Baby Einstein, and floor time. To say you adore your big sis would be an understatement. You love to hear her voice and smile so big when she talks to you. You almost rolled over this morning from your back to your tummy because you were trying to watch what she was doing. You've got the sweetest little rolls that I love! Your big cheeks and lips are adorable! I love you so much and our whole family is so thankful for you. You are loved more than you'll ever know baby girl!
Much love, your Mommy

Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Pictures...

We had some family pictures taken recently. I just love capturing sweet memories like these. I will cherish these forever! These are some of my favs. The rest I'm saving for Christmas :)

This is how I will forever remember Avery at this age; having tea parties and dressing up. Too sweet for words.

My girls....makes my heart skip a beat :)

Daddy's girl!

If you live in the Denton area and want your pictures taken at a great price from a very talented and sweet lady, check out Christy's site. Tell her I sent you!