Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Girl!

Avery did well at her first day of mother's day out! I was so proud of her. She was very excited to go and was all giggles about it, even ran down the hall to her room when we got there. As soon as she remembered we would be leaving her though, the smiles turned to big tears. :( She cried for a little bit and momma hung out in the hall to make sure she stopped. The teacher was holding her when I left and she seemed fine. I cried a little walking out, I just couldn't believe she is old enough to go to preschool! Where did the time go??
She did great at school and the report I got from the teacher was that there were no tears all day and she was happy. On her report sheet for the day, they described her mood as "playful", this cracked me up! Her favorite part of the day was music time and Mrs. Wendy said she was the only one who sang and danced. She probably enjoyed putting on a show for her friends. Ha! She even took a 40 minute nap on her nap mat at the end of the day! I'm so relieved that it went well. I stayed busy and couldn't wait for it to be 2pm. I pulled up at a store to run in for something, popped the trunk and pulled out the stroller and then thought, "what in the world am I doing?!" It's hard to turn off "mommy mode" I guess! I will say, going to the grocery store alone was pretty nice though! :)
My little baby, all grown up
Her bag and lunch bag are almost as big as her!

Running into school!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!

Avery has her first day of Mother's Day Out tomorrow! I can't believe that I will be dropping my baby off at school! :( She seems to be excited about it and every time we ask her if she wants to go she says yes. I know there will be some tears tomorrow though. I'll try to keep it together. ;) She will do well and love it I'm sure. She is such a social butterfly and will love all the interaction with new friends.
Tomorrow we will focus on school, today we have been very busy dressing up as butterfly fairies. She has been really into dress up lately and got some super cute stuff for her bday. We change daily from Cinderella, to purple princess, to butterfly fairy. She loves to prance around the house in her high heels. Oh my, this girl is so much fun! I love her!

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go in the morning!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet the Teacher and 2 yr. Check up

Avery starts a Mother's Day Out program next week. She will go one day a week for now to ease into it. (ok, more like to ease mommy into it) I think she will love it, though I know there will be some tears when I drop her off. More from me I'm sure! We went to her "meet the teacher" day on Thursday and she got to see her room, meet her teacher and some friends. Ms. Wendy is her teacher and she seemed really sweet. Avery wouldn't really have anything to do with her and refused a pic, but I'm sure she will warm up! Her class is the Ducks and her room is called the Duck Pond! Love it! I am excited about her going here and all the friends she will meet. There seemed to be lots of fun things they have planned through out the year and I signed up to help with every one of them. Ha! What am I going to do about Kindergarden...can't even go there now. ;)
This was taken when we registered back in March. She looks so tiny here!

didn't take her long to find the kitchen and a new friend to play with
me and my sweet girl

I couldn't believe it was time for a 2 year check-up. That just sounds too old for Avery! She did well and checked out great. She loves her doctor and wanted to give her lots of hugs before she left. Dr. Adams said "sit on your mommy's lap so I can listen to you" and she got in her lap rather than mine. :) I'm glad we have such a great doctor that Avery loves too!
She weighed in at a whopping 21.4 pounds! She is so, so tiny. Dr. Adams says she perfectly healthy though. :) She was in 25% for height and the just barley the 3% for weight.
Getting all checked out!

Nothing like animal crackers to make you feel better after a doctor's appt. and two shots!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Avery is taking ballet this Fall and she had her first class this week. She really loves to dance and I knew this would be something she would enjoy. She was so adorable I could hardly stand it! Literally, all the little girls were too precious to handle. One mom next to me was seriously bawling...I wasn't that bad. :) I was worried about how she would do in class without me because she is really a little too young for the class.(the closet girl in age was 5 months older) She had a blast though! Her bow broke right before class and I was worried she would loose it but she pulled herself together. A girl has to have her bow you know! ;) She only "showed her age" by wandering off when she would get bored and wave to people outside or do a little booty shaking while watching herself in the mirror. Little ham! We still haven't decided on which studio we will go with and may be visiting some more classes before we choose. Looking forward to many fun classes with my tiny dancer!

This picture cracks me up! The teacher lined all the girls up against the wall and they were going to watch her demonstrate. She said "ready, set" and Avery got down and took off sprinting thinking they were racing! It was too funny. Made everyone laugh. Too many track jeans in her blood line I guess. :)

Breaking away to wave to the parents at the window. :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Dora, Football, Family...It doesn't get much better than that!

Last weekend we headed down to Austin. My sister and brother-in-law got Avery tickets to see Dora Live. For Avery, this was a dream come true because she is totally Dora and Boots obsessed right now! It was so much fun and she had a blast. There were hundreds of little kids flipping out over Dora and it was awesome!
Our little family waiting for the show to start!
This pic sums up how Avery acted during the show. She was in awe. She couldn't even speak and had her jaw dropped. What would you expect in the presence of Dora?! Cracked me up!

Downtown Austin is SO pretty! We had to snap a few shots on our way to the car.

My lovies after the show that day. Wiped out!

I love me some high school football. My dad is a HS football coach and his team had a scrimmage on Saturday morning so we went. I'm so excited for Fall and football games!

She was throwing her arms up and cheering "Go, Papa, Go!"
Coach Busch. Love him!
Papa came up to steal a quick kiss

We celebrated Luke's birthday a little early at my grandparents house on Saturday. He got lots of good stuff and of course it wouldn't be a complete party if Avery didn't get a present to open too. ;) She's not spoiled at all by my family.

Luke being cool and trying on two shirts at once. What a dork ;)
Bath time with Aunt Laura! She bathes Avery every night that we come to visit and Avery LOVES it!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

all about avery...

Well, pretty much every day is all about Avery at our house, but her birthday was even more. :) Her actual birthday was yesterday. She woke up to pancakes with a Dora candle and a few presents from mommy and daddy. Then we headed to Walmart for Dora's Big Birthday Celebration(yes, we are that classy) Who knew that Dora and Avery share the same birthday?! Dora's new birthday movie came out and they had free cupcakes and Dora prizes to hand out. Dora was supposed to make an appearance but she never came while we were there. Avery had fun though! There were a ton of kids and every one was talking about birthdays and saying "it's her birthday!!!" I think Avery thought they were talking about her and not Dora. :)
Then we went to her fav lunch spot, Chic Fil A. She got to play afterwards. After naps, we went to Toys R Us were they sang to her, announced to every one that it was her birthday and gave her a balloon and princess hat, so cute! She brought her baby and stroller int0 the store and walked around for 30 minutes playing momma-hilarious! She just got to look and play with the toys, she has plenty already from her party. Next, I took her to the mall and let her pick out some new shoes. All of the sudden she grew a size and a half and has two pairs of shoes that fit! She picked the cutest new tennis shoes for Fall. (I may have helped a little) :) I usually say no when she asks to ride the nasty little electric cars at the mall cause they are full of germs and it sicks me out; I let her ride the Elmo firetruck in the mall 4 times in a row till she had her fill! You could tell she was shocked by this! (I'm sure I will regret that later!) After dinner with Daddy that night, she was one tired little girl. I think she enjoyed her day, I know her daddy and I did. She ran around all day screaming "I two!!" Sweet, sweet memories with my sweet girl!

showing her new Dora ring from the party :)

Playing at Chic Fil A!

What could be better than "why-why" wings and Dora's backpack for your birthday!

I am in love with these shoes!
I am SO in love with this girl!!

"Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories."
-Cathy Allen

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

I can't believe my baby is two! I remember two years ago tonight I was filled with so much emotion and excitement. I couldn't sleep because I knew I was going to meet the little girl I had dreamed about ever since I was a little girl playing with dolls. All my dreams came true on Aug. 14th 2008. You are the light of mine and your Daddy's life! To say we adore you would be an understatement. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. Watching you grow these past two years has been so wonderful, I cherish every bit of it. I'm excited to see what God has in store for you little princess!! I have tears as you grow out of your baby stage, but it brings me such joy to see you grow into the person God made you to be. And you'll always be my baby, no matter how grown up you are. :)

These pics make me smile. She was so excited, dancing around!

And a little trip down memory lane...(I am just a tad sentimental and emotional like that ;))
exactly two years ago today....wow :)
Love at first sight.

My big two year old!