Sunday, August 15, 2010

all about avery...

Well, pretty much every day is all about Avery at our house, but her birthday was even more. :) Her actual birthday was yesterday. She woke up to pancakes with a Dora candle and a few presents from mommy and daddy. Then we headed to Walmart for Dora's Big Birthday Celebration(yes, we are that classy) Who knew that Dora and Avery share the same birthday?! Dora's new birthday movie came out and they had free cupcakes and Dora prizes to hand out. Dora was supposed to make an appearance but she never came while we were there. Avery had fun though! There were a ton of kids and every one was talking about birthdays and saying "it's her birthday!!!" I think Avery thought they were talking about her and not Dora. :)
Then we went to her fav lunch spot, Chic Fil A. She got to play afterwards. After naps, we went to Toys R Us were they sang to her, announced to every one that it was her birthday and gave her a balloon and princess hat, so cute! She brought her baby and stroller int0 the store and walked around for 30 minutes playing momma-hilarious! She just got to look and play with the toys, she has plenty already from her party. Next, I took her to the mall and let her pick out some new shoes. All of the sudden she grew a size and a half and has two pairs of shoes that fit! She picked the cutest new tennis shoes for Fall. (I may have helped a little) :) I usually say no when she asks to ride the nasty little electric cars at the mall cause they are full of germs and it sicks me out; I let her ride the Elmo firetruck in the mall 4 times in a row till she had her fill! You could tell she was shocked by this! (I'm sure I will regret that later!) After dinner with Daddy that night, she was one tired little girl. I think she enjoyed her day, I know her daddy and I did. She ran around all day screaming "I two!!" Sweet, sweet memories with my sweet girl!

showing her new Dora ring from the party :)

Playing at Chic Fil A!

What could be better than "why-why" wings and Dora's backpack for your birthday!

I am in love with these shoes!
I am SO in love with this girl!!

"Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories."
-Cathy Allen

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