Friday, August 6, 2010

terrific twos and meeting the grandparents!

I wanted to try and take a few pics of Avery before her party tomorrow. I ended up with this sweet one that I love! Her shirt has a big two on it. You can't tell here. She likes to point to it and tell you "I two!"
I pretty sure the "twos" are here! She has started letting me know more and more what she does and doesn't want to do with a little bit of an attitude thrown in. She's a little bit independent I'd say! I asked her to sit in her chair and let mommy take a picture. The pics below are what I got before a time out was threatened! I said "Avery, aren't you excited about your party?? Won't you sit and say cheese so I can have a picture of you in your party clothes?" She replied "NO!" to all of the above. She knew what she was saying because then I said "Well, should I tell your friends that they shouldn't come because you don't want to have a party?" She said "Yes!" Little stinker! No worries, party is back on! 5 minutes later she was smiling and giggling about her Dora and "why-why" party.

Avery go to meet some of her grandparents for the first time this week, Grandma Margie and Papaw Jim.(on Luke's side) They live in Ohio and we saw them last right before I had Avery. We were so excited they came to visit. Avery warmed right up to them immediately and they loved that! They spoiled her rotten. :) She got to go to the store and pick out anything she wanted. She thought this was the greatest idea ever! SO thankful that she has so many family members who adore her like Luke and I do.

The dancing and singing Dora! BIG surprise she would pick that. ;)

She had no trouble showing them the things she likes. ha!

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Tiffany said...

Those pictures make me laugh! I can't imagine Avery throwing a fit and telling you No! haha:)