Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fest

We had our Fall Fest at church on Saturday and it was tons of fun! We had everything from bounce houses, cookie and pumpkin decorating, games and even the Chic Fil A cow. It was great for our church to meet so many people from the community and pull off such a great event.

Have you ever seen a cuter Minnie Mouse!?

We had a great turn out. It was so much fun!
Best part of the weekend, Nini came to visit! Avery loved it!
The trunk that I decorated!
family pic
she looks so big to me here :(
Yummy! She has never had this much candy in her little life! We had to brush our teeth extra that night!
Having fun in the bounce houses!
Sweet little Avery Kate, the strawberry fairy. Avery told me, "Tate pretty" So sweet!
buddies with the cow

She tried to pull the cow along with her. She wanted him to go jump in the bounce house with her and share her sucker. Silly girl!

My little cutie in her halloween dress on Sunday morning :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Party

I went to see Avery at her school's Halloween party. It was the cutest thing ever to see her little class all dressed up! She was so proud to show me all her friends and tell me what they were dressed up as. I made brownies for the class she wanted them all to know that they were "mommy's cakes" :)

My cute little Minnie Mouse!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Grow Up

Avery has been saying and doing new things constantly. It's adorable but also another sign that she is growing up fast. :( I just adore her completely! I hope I never forget each stage and that I can tuck away these sweet memories in my heart.
The other day she was eating lunch and she said, "this is alicious mommy!" (delicious) It was so cute. She also told me while in target as I was pushing her around in the basket that I was pretty. Melt me!
My favorite though was yesterday when she declared for the first time "I precious!!"
Yes you are my baby, yes you are.
This song literally makes me bawl. I love it! I wish Avery would never grow up but I know each stage just gets sweeter and sweeter. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend of FUN

We like to pack as many things in one weekend as humanly possible, that's how we roll! Luke, Avery and I headed off to Austin on Thursday to celebrate birthdays and go to my dad's high school football game where Luke was also speaking to the team. I love me some high school football and my dad's team is really good, they are going to the play offs this year. We had fun cheering for them at the game Thursday night. Then on Friday we celebrated my birthday along with my sisters whose is three days before mine. I have always loved having parties with her!
I made her this shirt to show her Anderson pride :)
Avery loved seeing Papa before the game

"Go Trojans!" or as Avery would say,"Go, Papa's boys!"
Me and my girl
Despite her face in this pic, Avery LOVES her some Nini!
Of course, my fearless child saw the kinda creepy looking Trojan and ran to him for a hug and high five. She cracks me up!

We celebrated mine, my sister's and my aunt Gina birthdays on Friday. It was so much fun to be with family! (and get presents too):)

Someone got caught sticking her finger in the cake :)
Me and my little sis, love her!!

All the birthday girls, me my sis and my aunt. Love celebrating with them each year!

We came home super late Friday night and got to spend Saturday with some of Luke's side of the family. Avery loved playing with her cousins! She could care less that she is the only girl and kept up with the boys, wrestling and all! She's a tough little thing!
Sweet, sweet cousins

It doesn't get much better than a weekend filled with family and fun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Cuties

We met several families from church at a pumpkin patch this weekend. It was lots of fun. Avery loved being there with all of her best friends!

Little cuties in the pumpkin patch! I love all these kiddos!

These two are SO in love. ADORABLE!

Train ride!
How sweet are these little girls?!
Aves and her two "boyfriends"!
oh my! Daddy does not like this pic ;)

Sweet girl being tickled by Casen and loving it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Field Trip

Avery class at Mother's Day Out had a field trip to a pumpkin patch today. It was the neatest place, they actually grow their own pumpkins out there so it was a legit 'pumpkin patch'! We got to go on a hayride, pick a pumpkin, play and then eat a picnic lunch. We all had a blast. Avery has really started to love her one day a week at school(thank goodness!) She showed me some of her friends and it was neat to meet some of the parents. Last week at school when I went to drop her off she said, "bye bye mommy!" and ran in. I was shocked but so glad.

My little school girl all ready for the field trip! They had to wear their school shirts to this and Aves didn't have a bow to match, shocking I know. ;) Luke calls this a small tragedy at our house. So I decided why not try and make one?! I have never wanted to mess with bow making and had tried before but they never turned out too cute, but desperate times call for desperate measures! It turned out really cute I thought! Since then I have made several others. May have a new little hobby!
Her she is showing off "mommy's bow" as she called it :) I also made one to tie her shirt up with because a 2t swallows her up. Turns out I may be making them for lots more little girls at school!

me and Aves on the hayride. Love her!
Love this picture! Luke caught her expression as we loaded the hayride and it started to take off. She loved it!
While 90% of the other kids were calmly walking through the patch picking their pumpkin and taking their time, this was my child running full speed through the patch the whole time. I couldn't even get a picture of her sitting in the pumpkins!

She felt the need to be social and visit with everyone there who she didn't know. She saw Daddy talking to this man, so she grabbed him by the hand and took him off to show him something. I can't take my eyes off this girl! (she def. doesn't get this from me!)
Finally took a second to pick her pumpkin. I love the serious look on her face that she makes all the time. :)
silly girl!
she enjoyed jumping off the hay with the boys, oh my! She looks just like Luke in this picture to me.
Sweet pic of Avery and Daddy looking at the animals.