Friday, September 20, 2013


We were shocked to find we are expecting a third baby. Two girls have us pretty busy and content. We had even just ironically discussed being content with not having any more babies. Then God surprised us!! Though shocked at first, we couldn't be happier to find out we are expecting another precious baby. And we found out it's another sweet GIRL!! Secretly I was so over the moon to have another girl. I just love having daughters and the thought of another one makes me overwhelming excited. Luke loves his girls so much that he didn't even really think about having a boy either. Raising princesses is just what we are made to do I guess! We told the girls the news about the baby being a sister. Their reaction was so sweet. Avery squealed with excitement and Adalyn copied everything she did:) Can hardly wait till the end of February 2014!! You are already SO loved, littlest sister!!

We had a little party to celebrate a new sister!!

18 week belly pics!!

Someone wanted in the pic too :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School 2013!

The girls had a great first day of school this year! They were both so ready and had been asking about school for weeks. We are blessed to have a great place to take them two days a week.

She looked too cute with her back pack on!

Avery's last year at preschool and Adalyn's first. SO many emotions!

In true Avery style, she walked right in and hugged her teacher before finding her seat. :)
She was so ready for school!

Adalyn actually ran in and then turned around to blow me a kiss. I was the only one who cried! So surprised and thankful for that! I think having big sister there helped so much.