Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

Avery had a great first day of Preschool. She really loves school and asked about it all summer. I love having more of a routine and a little bit of free time. Although, having a 12 month old at home does not equal free time! It's usually a little easier running errands with just one kiddo. Avery really is my little helper and I actually missed her like crazy the first day and had an even harder time in the store bc she wasn't there to entertain baby sis.:( We will  have to adjust! She loves her teachers and came home singing lots of new songs. I was doing ok at drop off and then walked past her old classrooms from her 1st and 2nd year. I was flashing back to the tiny babe with a diaper hiney, clinging to mommy, both uf us unsure how we could be away from each other for the whole class time. Her two year old teacher said, "Avery is such a big girl now" and I lost it. Yep, started balling before I could make it to the car. She just seemed so big this year and I realize how close we are to being in elementary school. The morning of the first day, she came down stairs as I was finishing making her lunch, and she was fully dressed, shoes, bow, and all for school. She rolled out of bed and was too excited to wait. So sweet!  Sigh, I really am happy about school and her being 4:) Here is a little interview I did with her to help us remember her first day of school:

How many new friends did you make? 35
Who did you play with? Wes, he's my best boy
What was your favorite thing you ate for lunch? My bunny sandwich
What did you do at school? We read books, like The Kissing Hand and talked about things.
Do you like your teachers? Yes! They are sweet and like to sing. They know I have a dream light and like Rapunzel because I tell them.
Did you have fun on the playground? Yes, but I got really hot and had to get water. We played chase and castles.
Do you want to go back? Yes mom! It's my school
Is there anything else you did at school that was really fun? I don't know mom, I guess you should come so you can watch everything we do. (ha! She was getting a little tired of the questions:)
What was your favorite part of the first day? When you came to pick me up

She picked out her outfit all on her own. I didn't argue, although I had something else in mind. She did a pretty good job. She had it all laid out on her bed ready for the morning and I didn't have the heart to pull out the outfit I had. Bless her heart, she's too precious to me.
 She wasn't feeling the Sonic worker this morning, but it usually makes the top three aspirations:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chance made us sisters, but hearts made us friends...

 I love having a sister and having girls who are sisters. Just the sweetest bond. The other day I found Avery sitting outside of Adalyn's room and asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm just waiting on my sister to wake up so I can play with her, her nap has been too long and I miss her." Melt.Me.Completely. A bond between sisters develops over the years in childhood and I am so in love with watching this one develop!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Avery had meet the teacher at preschool last week. We are all excited for school to start back up! Even though it is only two days a week, it's nice to have a schedule and Avery loves to be busy. I'm sure I'll cry next week when it starts and miss her, but it's just because each year just means she is getting older. Kindergarten.....well, I can't even go there at all right now:) I may need counseling to get through that!;) 
We met her new teachers who seem super sweet. Mrs. Tiffany and Ms. Rachel get a little piece of my baby every Tuesday and Thursday and I have to trust them to love her, teach her, and show her the love of God. They made me feel good about the school year and hugged a few of us moms and encouraged us by telling us they were blessed to have such precious children in their care. I love her Christian school and love seeing all the ways she grows through out the year. 
Here are some pics from that day
 Little sis would probably love it if she got to go to class with Avery. Little stinker was hollering at any 4 year olds who came near 'her' kitchen during the meet and greet:)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doctor Visits

August= two bday parties and two well checks at the doctor's office. I have a feeling August is going to wear me out each year! I always enjoy trips to the doctor with the girls, as long as it's not due to illnesses. We have been fortunate to have not been there in a super long time. Avery loves going so much! She likes to play doctor with our doctor(who is fabulous) and check her heart and ears. So sweet! This time she did a full display of gymnastics on the floor when Dr. Adams asked her what she had learned since we saw her last:) Crazy girl! Avery had to get several vaccines and took them like a champ. We told her she could pick a prize at the store after her shots so she kept asking the nurses for for her shots and they thought she was out of her mind. Adalyn did well too. Minor fit was thrown while getting her one shot. I don't think Avery has ever thrown a fit any where near that! Funny how they are so different. Adalyn definitley lets her presence be known when she needs to:) 

Poor Addy's worried face:)
She forgives fast and is happy again
Adalyn checked out very healthy. She is 17.2lb. and 29 inches. A tiny girl just like Avery was at one year. She was 14% for weight and 70% for length.

Avery checked out great too! She weighed 28.8 lb in all her clothes:) She is quite a petite little thing. She doesn't like to be called little at ALL. So we started telling her that it means petite which is cute and she goes with it:) She was 37in long. Her weight was in the 5% and her length was 9%. Her height to weight ratio, something they calculate when kids get older, was 19%. Dr. Adams was very pleased with that. I couldn't believe that 19% of girls her age are actually smaller! Just thankful for healthy girls.