Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Avery had meet the teacher at preschool last week. We are all excited for school to start back up! Even though it is only two days a week, it's nice to have a schedule and Avery loves to be busy. I'm sure I'll cry next week when it starts and miss her, but it's just because each year just means she is getting older. Kindergarten.....well, I can't even go there at all right now:) I may need counseling to get through that!;) 
We met her new teachers who seem super sweet. Mrs. Tiffany and Ms. Rachel get a little piece of my baby every Tuesday and Thursday and I have to trust them to love her, teach her, and show her the love of God. They made me feel good about the school year and hugged a few of us moms and encouraged us by telling us they were blessed to have such precious children in their care. I love her Christian school and love seeing all the ways she grows through out the year. 
Here are some pics from that day
 Little sis would probably love it if she got to go to class with Avery. Little stinker was hollering at any 4 year olds who came near 'her' kitchen during the meet and greet:)

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