Friday, April 29, 2011

My Daughter, My Own

My Daughter, My Own

Oh God, thank you for the baby to be
A heritage from You
You know what "it" will be.
Will "it" be blond, will "it's" eyes be green?
This beautiful baby, whether he or she
You have created "it" and You have seen
Your miracle at work inside of me.

This is awesome! A daughter!
But wait, this scares me!
What if we fight, what if we scream
What if I'm not the mom I should be?
I'll let her down; I'll fail miserably.
The Lord softly answered, "Faithful,
I'll be. I will never leave or forsake her,
So give her to Me."

Oh, Lord, I am nervous. I want her to be
A woman of your heart, a lover of Thee.
What can I do to make sure it will be?
The Lord said with love, "Just leave it to Me."

What if she falls or gets hurt, or she cries?
I'm trying to watch her, but know I can't be
Everywhere all the time when she's two and she's three.
"Be anxious for nothing, just give her to Me."

What will I do when she's in her teens?
Out driving and shopping, dating and working,
How safe will she be?
He whispered with mercy and kindness to me,
"I have a plan for her life,
One of hope, not calamity.
I've got a plan for her, if you'll just
Give her to me."

"You see my sweet child, she's MY daughter, MY own.
She belongs to Me; to you she's on loan.
I gave her breath, life and an eternal soul.
I formed her, she's Mine and forever she'll be,
So watch her and guide her but give her to Me."

Now that she's leaving, an adult she will be
I'm thankful each day I gave her to Thee.
She's Your's, dear Lord, for You can see,
What a mess I'd have made if it had been left to me.

The Lord said, "I love her and she is to Me,
More precious than gold, so it pleases Me,
To have shed my blood to set her free.
She'll live with Me now and for eternity."

She's ALL Your's, Lord, for now I see,
She's only been on loan to me.
Thank you for the joy she brings,
This precious daughter.
-Sharon Washburn

I came across this poem written by a sweet lady and amazing women of God. I met Sharon when Luke and I were at Richland Hills Church and I admire her so much. I just love this poem and I feel like it puts into words what I feel about my sweet daughters. I worry how I will have enough love for two, how I will be a good enough mom for two daughters and how I will be able to protect them from everything bad. I think every mom feels this way and it's nice to know that there's a God bigger than all my fears. I hope Avery and Adalyn always know how much I love them and how much their God loves them. I'm honored that God chose me to 'loan' them to.

25 weeks:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Palooza!

We had super fun filled Easter this year! It's so much fun to experience it all through a child's eyes. We had so many Easter celebrations in one weekend that Avery didn't even know what to do! I'm thankful that Easter is not just about the bunny and eggs but something SO much better than that. He has risen and we are so blessed!! Avery didn't quite get that whole concept but she at least knew all the partying had to do with Jesus:)

We started off with an Easter hunt and party at her school. She had a blast and really loves her friends there. She told me she learned at school that Jesus got a big boo boo from the cross but it's ok cause he got all better later. They had so much candy, cupcakes and ice cream and then the parents left while the teachers delt with the aftermath of that thank goodness!;)
This picture cracks me up. They had to have the egg hunt inside due to rain and were supposed to wait till the count of three and run in. Who do you think jumped the gun at 2 and managed to score the most eggs?! Of course we made her pass some out and share with everyone who wasn't quite as aggressive as my crazy girl. :)

She was very serious the whole time and would not crack a smile for me. This egg hunting is serious business cause there is candy involved. :)

Finally let loose a grin when it was over and she admired her goodies:)

The coolest thing we did this weekend was put on a community Easter Egg Drop with Venture. The event was super successful and so much fun! It was a great way for us to get the word out to the community about our newly planted church. Hundreds of people and kids came to see the Easter bunny fly over in a helicopter to drop eggs, so neat! Our church made the front page of the Denton newspaper and you can also check out this video the Denton Record Chronicle did. So proud of my hubby!:)

Sunday morning was great and we of course loved getting to worship and celebrate with our church family. It was so fun to see all the cute kiddos in their adorable little Easter outfits. I sure do love that church fam!!

We got home and Avery had some Easter treats to open and a little egg hunt in the back yard. She pretty much has her Nini and Papa wrapped around her little finger:) We really loved having them here this weekend!

Happy Easter 2011!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Had to share this sweet pic of my girl with an "easter bunny." She absolutely loved getting to play with it. It was the sweetest thing! Momma was happy too cause I had a coupon for 10 pictures for $10. :) Hope every one has a blessed Easter! We have had a great weekend. So thankful that Jesus rose again and can't wait to celebrate that tomorrow!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We had another Doctor's apt and baby Adalyn continues to look great. She is a little over a pound and very active. May have another little busy body on my hands! I can't believe she only has a little over 3 months left of growing time. It's flying by I guess cause big sister keeps me so busy. Avery talks about "Adawyn" all the time. It's precious! The other night we were eating spaghetti and Avery said "Yum! I love spaghetti! Baby Adawyn like spaghetti?" I said she probably will one day because she will see that you like it. She then proceeded to slab a big pile of noodles and sauce on my belly and said "There you go Adawyn, it's yummy!" I just had to laugh. Can't wait to see these two together one day! Love them both so much I can hardly stand it!!

Sweet little girl #2! Bad pic, but I think she looks sweet already:) She has her foot right under her chin here!

Little legs crossed, already such a little lady:)

Big sister giving Addy a goodnight hug and telling her she loves her. Melts me!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Avery has been really into making things. She loves crafts, painting, play dough etc. She also loves an audience, she is thrilled to have Luke and I sit down and watch her while she plays teacher and " teaches" us a thing or two about what she is making. She told me the other day I need to practice my letters more. :)

This cracks me up, it can be very serious work ya know :)

She loves to break into Daddy's office during his breaks and get a quick daddy fix. :) She likes him to read to her the books he is reading; I don't understand a word but she pretends to.

PJ day at school!!

We have enjoyed being in the back yard a lot lately with the nice weather. She loves to help take care of the flowers. Thanks, Gigi, for her gardening kit!!

Many lunches spent outside lately at the picnic table

We have seen the bunny at least 5 times now. Yes, she's still in love with him. :) She told him this time that she would like Jelly Beans for Easter please. Ha! I guess she thinks he works like Santa. At least she said please I guess!

Enjoying a mommy daughter date one Monday at the mall. I cherish these sweet times with just the two of us.

Oh my, this girl has my heart!