Friday, April 29, 2011

My Daughter, My Own

My Daughter, My Own

Oh God, thank you for the baby to be
A heritage from You
You know what "it" will be.
Will "it" be blond, will "it's" eyes be green?
This beautiful baby, whether he or she
You have created "it" and You have seen
Your miracle at work inside of me.

This is awesome! A daughter!
But wait, this scares me!
What if we fight, what if we scream
What if I'm not the mom I should be?
I'll let her down; I'll fail miserably.
The Lord softly answered, "Faithful,
I'll be. I will never leave or forsake her,
So give her to Me."

Oh, Lord, I am nervous. I want her to be
A woman of your heart, a lover of Thee.
What can I do to make sure it will be?
The Lord said with love, "Just leave it to Me."

What if she falls or gets hurt, or she cries?
I'm trying to watch her, but know I can't be
Everywhere all the time when she's two and she's three.
"Be anxious for nothing, just give her to Me."

What will I do when she's in her teens?
Out driving and shopping, dating and working,
How safe will she be?
He whispered with mercy and kindness to me,
"I have a plan for her life,
One of hope, not calamity.
I've got a plan for her, if you'll just
Give her to me."

"You see my sweet child, she's MY daughter, MY own.
She belongs to Me; to you she's on loan.
I gave her breath, life and an eternal soul.
I formed her, she's Mine and forever she'll be,
So watch her and guide her but give her to Me."

Now that she's leaving, an adult she will be
I'm thankful each day I gave her to Thee.
She's Your's, dear Lord, for You can see,
What a mess I'd have made if it had been left to me.

The Lord said, "I love her and she is to Me,
More precious than gold, so it pleases Me,
To have shed my blood to set her free.
She'll live with Me now and for eternity."

She's ALL Your's, Lord, for now I see,
She's only been on loan to me.
Thank you for the joy she brings,
This precious daughter.
-Sharon Washburn

I came across this poem written by a sweet lady and amazing women of God. I met Sharon when Luke and I were at Richland Hills Church and I admire her so much. I just love this poem and I feel like it puts into words what I feel about my sweet daughters. I worry how I will have enough love for two, how I will be a good enough mom for two daughters and how I will be able to protect them from everything bad. I think every mom feels this way and it's nice to know that there's a God bigger than all my fears. I hope Avery and Adalyn always know how much I love them and how much their God loves them. I'm honored that God chose me to 'loan' them to.

25 weeks:)

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Kara Graves said...

That poem is beautiful-made me cry, but then again, I cry at just about anything with these hormones. You are looking GORGEOUS my friend! I hope I look half as good when I get to that point.