Saturday, April 16, 2011


We had another Doctor's apt and baby Adalyn continues to look great. She is a little over a pound and very active. May have another little busy body on my hands! I can't believe she only has a little over 3 months left of growing time. It's flying by I guess cause big sister keeps me so busy. Avery talks about "Adawyn" all the time. It's precious! The other night we were eating spaghetti and Avery said "Yum! I love spaghetti! Baby Adawyn like spaghetti?" I said she probably will one day because she will see that you like it. She then proceeded to slab a big pile of noodles and sauce on my belly and said "There you go Adawyn, it's yummy!" I just had to laugh. Can't wait to see these two together one day! Love them both so much I can hardly stand it!!

Sweet little girl #2! Bad pic, but I think she looks sweet already:) She has her foot right under her chin here!

Little legs crossed, already such a little lady:)

Big sister giving Addy a goodnight hug and telling her she loves her. Melts me!

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