Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Palooza!

We had super fun filled Easter this year! It's so much fun to experience it all through a child's eyes. We had so many Easter celebrations in one weekend that Avery didn't even know what to do! I'm thankful that Easter is not just about the bunny and eggs but something SO much better than that. He has risen and we are so blessed!! Avery didn't quite get that whole concept but she at least knew all the partying had to do with Jesus:)

We started off with an Easter hunt and party at her school. She had a blast and really loves her friends there. She told me she learned at school that Jesus got a big boo boo from the cross but it's ok cause he got all better later. They had so much candy, cupcakes and ice cream and then the parents left while the teachers delt with the aftermath of that thank goodness!;)
This picture cracks me up. They had to have the egg hunt inside due to rain and were supposed to wait till the count of three and run in. Who do you think jumped the gun at 2 and managed to score the most eggs?! Of course we made her pass some out and share with everyone who wasn't quite as aggressive as my crazy girl. :)

She was very serious the whole time and would not crack a smile for me. This egg hunting is serious business cause there is candy involved. :)

Finally let loose a grin when it was over and she admired her goodies:)

The coolest thing we did this weekend was put on a community Easter Egg Drop with Venture. The event was super successful and so much fun! It was a great way for us to get the word out to the community about our newly planted church. Hundreds of people and kids came to see the Easter bunny fly over in a helicopter to drop eggs, so neat! Our church made the front page of the Denton newspaper and you can also check out this video the Denton Record Chronicle did. So proud of my hubby!:)

Sunday morning was great and we of course loved getting to worship and celebrate with our church family. It was so fun to see all the cute kiddos in their adorable little Easter outfits. I sure do love that church fam!!

We got home and Avery had some Easter treats to open and a little egg hunt in the back yard. She pretty much has her Nini and Papa wrapped around her little finger:) We really loved having them here this weekend!

Happy Easter 2011!!

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