Monday, April 11, 2011


Avery has been really into making things. She loves crafts, painting, play dough etc. She also loves an audience, she is thrilled to have Luke and I sit down and watch her while she plays teacher and " teaches" us a thing or two about what she is making. She told me the other day I need to practice my letters more. :)

This cracks me up, it can be very serious work ya know :)

She loves to break into Daddy's office during his breaks and get a quick daddy fix. :) She likes him to read to her the books he is reading; I don't understand a word but she pretends to.

PJ day at school!!

We have enjoyed being in the back yard a lot lately with the nice weather. She loves to help take care of the flowers. Thanks, Gigi, for her gardening kit!!

Many lunches spent outside lately at the picnic table

We have seen the bunny at least 5 times now. Yes, she's still in love with him. :) She told him this time that she would like Jelly Beans for Easter please. Ha! I guess she thinks he works like Santa. At least she said please I guess!

Enjoying a mommy daughter date one Monday at the mall. I cherish these sweet times with just the two of us.

Oh my, this girl has my heart!

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