Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This past weekend Avery and I made a last minute trip to Abilene for ACU's homecoming. Avery got to meet one of mommy's old college roommates and good friend, Amber, and her two adorable little girls. We also went to my sorority homecoming breakfast and Avery got to meet more of my college friends. She says she wants to pledge EOX in college:). When then went to the parade before heading back to Fort Worth. It was so much fun!

                                                        Auburn,who is a little older  and
                                                          Avery's future college roomie :)
                                              Avery sleeping through the parade

                                                        Avery got to meet cousin Shaylee 

                                                  Chillin with Aunt Laura at the parade

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Birthday!

For my birthday Luke took me and Avery to the mall. (which was a brave thing to do considering how long I can shop! ) I got to go to a day spa and get a massage, which was wonderful. Luke walked around with Avery in the baby bjorn (baby in a backpack basically) which she loves. We then did just a little shopping with my b-day money. It was so much fun. Avery already loves shopping with mommy; you can tell by the smile on her face in this picture when I told her we were going to go shopping.  Luke is very nervous about her loving to shop with mom! :)  Thanks for a great b-day and for being such a good husband Luke!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Avery Wants To Say...

Happy Birthday Sis! Hope you have a great day and a fun party tonight. See you soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avery Update

Avery had a doctor appt. today. She looks great! She weighed in at 10lb&11.5 oz and measured 23 in. She is in the 60% for weight and 83% for length.(Dad-I know you will appreciate the percentages!) Looks like she will be taller than her mommy! The doctor called her a little model baby b/c she is so long and lean. Of coarse mommy and daddy think so. Ha 
Another neat thing; we were telling the doctor that Avery rolled over for us last night! She said" Really? That's great, that is pretty rare for 8 weeks." I figured she didn't think we knew what we saw. Then we put Avery on the table for the exam and the doctor put her on her tummy to see how well she could hold her head up, and she rolled over for the doctor! I was so proud! She thought she better show the doctor herself! Enough bragging about my little sweetie for now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Fall!

 We took Avery to the pumpkin patch the other day and had so much fun. She wouldn't smile at the camera, but I promise she had a good time. We are looking forward to dressing our "little pumpkin" up for halloween!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My little girl is 2 months old!

 Where did the time go? I can't believe Avery is 2 months! I had to pack away all her newborn clothes the other day and I got a little teary-eyed. She is growing so fast and I'm trying to cherish every minute. She just gets more fun every day, and I look forward to watching her grow. Avery says, "Thanks Gramma for my new pretty outfit!"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

To Catch A Smile....

 Avery has started smiling a lot and Luke and I have been trying to catch her smiles on the camera. I recently ruined our camera by dropping it in a glass of milk, so we had to buy a new one. Luke is still trying to figure out how I managed this! Our new camera has a cool feature on it that lets you take 5 pictures in a row to try to catch a smile. It's pretty neat, and we have managed to make her smile while looking at the camera a few times. Still it seems when she smiles the biggest, the camera is no where to be found of course.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Avery Has The Best Daddy

Avery is so blessed to have such a great daddy. She loves him so much.  He worked really hard to make her a neat video of pictures and footage from her birth. She will really enjoy watching it some day. To view it check out his blog at Lnorsworthy.blogspot.com. Thanks, Luke, for being such a great daddy to our little girl. 

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