Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avery Update

Avery had a doctor appt. today. She looks great! She weighed in at 10lb&11.5 oz and measured 23 in. She is in the 60% for weight and 83% for length.(Dad-I know you will appreciate the percentages!) Looks like she will be taller than her mommy! The doctor called her a little model baby b/c she is so long and lean. Of coarse mommy and daddy think so. Ha 
Another neat thing; we were telling the doctor that Avery rolled over for us last night! She said" Really? That's great, that is pretty rare for 8 weeks." I figured she didn't think we knew what we saw. Then we put Avery on the table for the exam and the doctor put her on her tummy to see how well she could hold her head up, and she rolled over for the doctor! I was so proud! She thought she better show the doctor herself! Enough bragging about my little sweetie for now.

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Shiloh said...

She is so precious! Congratulations!