Friday, August 31, 2012

4 years old

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Avery! I seriously cannot believe 4 years have flown by so fast. Those 4 years have been such a blessing! You are the sweetest thing. I love watching you grow into such a big girl. You have learned so much this last year. Spelling and writing your name, coloring better than me most days, excelling in gymnastics, and so much more. We are so proud of you. Your heart is what I'm most proud of. You have such a tender heart and are always asking me if what you are doing, whatever it may be, is making God happy. Don't know where you learned that from but it's so sweet and innocent that you care so much about doing what makes God happy. You are the sweetest big sister I could ask for to Adalyn. You tell her you love her at least 20 times a day and share every single toy you have with her, even your favorites. You say you want to be a mommy, a doctor or nurse and a Sonic worker when you grow up:) You'll be great at all of those! You are a natural little mommy and love to play babies all day. You love anything princess. You had the bear dress up in these pics, which is so telling of your interests right now. You are busy, busy, busy and go all day long. If only I had your energy! You are a tiny, tiny little thing but full of lots of personality. You crack us up constantly. My favorite thing you've said lately was when you told us that you never wanted to grow up and if you had to grow up, you would still live with us in your pink striped room and just marry Daddy or Papa. Ha! I'll remind  you of that when your 18:) I love how deeply you love your family, how sensitive you are, how inquisitive you are, how silly you are, every single thing about you is precious to me because you are mine. I'll like you forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. 
Love, Mommy

Thursday, August 30, 2012

4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Avery's 4th bday Princess Rapunzel style with all of her little girlfriends and our family. Avery is mildly obsessed with all things Tangled and Rapunzel so I was determined to make it a party to remember for her! It was lots of fun!

Avery checking out some of the decor before the party. She was so excited!

Aunt Gina braided her hair like Rapunzel and she was so proud:)

When the girls got there, they got dressed up and Avery gave them a tiara to wear:)
 Then they colored pictures of Rapunzel and Pascal

 Next part was the most fun, I covered a wall with paper and let the girls paint the wall just like Rapunzel did in her tower. They loved it! 

Then we played a few games. The balloon popping was a hit! The girls picked an 'apple' and popped it and prized came out. A great pinterest idea :)

 Pin the crown on Rapunzel!

 Singing to the birthday girl

 "Best Day Ever" is something Rapunzel says. That night before bed, Avery told me it really was her best day ever. Melted me!
Opening her presents

 Opening her gift from little sister. So sweet!
 My two little princesses! Avery picked Addy out a Rapunzel dress to wear at her party:)

Party favors

 Happy 4th Birthday Avery! You will always be our little princess!!

Aug. 14th

Can't believe my baby is FOUR! It can't be true that it has really been 4 whole years since they placed a sweet baby bundle in my arms who changed my life forever. I can tell this is going to be such a fun age! Avery is such a big girl now and I'm soaking her in as much as I can before all her 'babyness' is gone. We celebrated her on her real birthday and it was so special.  She knows the difference now between her party and her actual birthday. She got to pick everything we did that day and she loved every second. She also really enjoyed all the phone calls and cards from family that day. She is so loved. Her requests were: Chic Fil A for lunch, The Disney Store to look around, Carousel ride and a pretzel from the mall. Girl knows what she wants, cracks me up! Sweet memories!!

We filled her room with balloons after she fell asleep the night before her birthday. She was so excited to wake up to them. 

 Bday pancakes!
 Opening her gift from Mommy and Daddy and baby sis

 Little poser at the mall
 The Disney Store, always a fav!
The Carousel! 

 Finally enjoying that pretzel she thought about all day:)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Birthday Party

We had a great party celebrating our sweet Adalyn's 1st birthday. I could hardly believe what we were celebrating the whole time! Can't believe my baby is one! We celebrated with family and it was such a special evening for our precious one year old. She loved the cake, presents, and all the attention. The theme was "Adalyn's Sweet Shoppe" which was fitting because she's so sweet:)

The infamous monthly pics with the bear

 party favors for the guests
 Sign I made for the front                                                            

She had some help with her cake from sissy and cousin, Rhyder:)

 Love this little face SO much!
 She enjoyed the cake and couldn't get enough!

Love this little scrunched up nose and smile:)
Happy Birthday baby girl! It's been a sweet year of loving you!!