Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Written all over her face...

I asked her a few minutes later when I was cleaning up the floor where she had dumped my makeup bag out, "Who got into my makeup, Avery?" She replied very matter of factly, "Cho Cho!" (our dog, Chloe) I guess Chloe framed Avery for the makeup party. :)
It was still funny even though I had to throw out my Mac lipstick and eye shadow because it was smeared all over the floor! :( BTW, I was in the same room folding clothes...she is very fast.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This week's randomness

This past week has been busy and fun. Avery has wanted to be outside ALL the time. She wears this momma out. :) I have really enjoyed it too actually. We have a few toys outside so she can play, although I'm quite certain all she would need to entertain herself is bubbles. Ha! I think I'll bust out the blow up pool soon too!

We've hired some help with the lawn care. ;)

These kiddos have so much fun on Wed. nights at small group.
Avery doesn't mind being the only girl and Casen and Luke are so sweet to her. :)

This Wed. night the kids spent the entire time outside and had a blast. I wish the weather would stay in the 70's all summer!

This is one of the MANY reasons why I can't keep my house clean and can hardly get anything done! She's a mess!

But she's oh so worth it all. I love cuddle time with my girls!
(please excuse my morning self, it was too cute not to share though!) baby tonight before bed. Too much sweetness to handle.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

The weekend started off early for me with the March for Babies Walk. It was such a fun day and for such a great cause. I was honored to be able to walk along side my friends who have had premature babies and honored to walk for all the precious NICU babies I have taken care of. There were tons of families there. It was great to be able to be a part of such a wonderful event. Thanks to every one who supported me in this!

Our team, the Reese and Riley team. Reese and Riley are my friend, Amy's twin girls who were born at 30 weeks. They are doing great now and are just as cute as they can be. It's so great to see happy endings like theirs!

My sweet friends, Tiffany and Leah

Tiffany, Leah and I in front of precious Liam's memory sign. Liam is Leah's son who was stillborn at 20 weeks. The walk was a neat way to honor and remember him and to raise awareness for infants born prematurely or ill. I had to work later that night for a few hours in the NICU and I was lucky enough to take care of a baby who was well enough to be held. I just cuddled him up and thought of all the babies whose families were at the walk honoring their infant who they had lost. Made me emotional, thankful, sad for my sweet friend Leah, and grateful that we serve a God who will make it all right one day.

Later that day, we had a birthday to go to go for one of Avery's little friends, Kenai. We have had a birthday party every single weekend this month, so fun! He turned one and it was such a fun party. Avery loved the cupcakes especially. :)

The cute b-day boy

she cracked me up wanting to keep the b-day hat on


The cupcakes had gummy worms on them and the kids loved it! This is sweet little Reese.

Aves loved the snakes, as she called them.

Avery Kate, her momma, and little Aves enjoying cupcakes!

our family

On Saturday, this sweet little guy was born! Our good friends, the Storments had their second little one. Their daughter, Eden, is Avery's little buddy. We are so excited for them. Samuel is such a cutie pie!

7lb. of sweetness :)

Avery checking him out

As you can see by the look on her face, she wasn't too sure about me holding him. :)

Beautiful momma and baby

The dads

Eden giving Avery hugs!

Sweet girls!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aunt "Waura"

Avery and I made a quick road trip to see my sister and go with her to have her bridal portraits done. Her portraits were done at the ranch were she is getting married. It was such a beautiful place. I wish I could show you the pics of the beautiful bride too, but you'll just have to wait till June. :) Avery had a great time running all over the ranch with her Papa. Before we left the next day, we visited Aunt Laura( or as Avery started calling her for the first time, "Waura") in her first grade classroom. Avery was in heaven in Laura's room. It looked like a tornado had hit when we left! She loved all the kids and they even sang to her. She danced for them of course as they sang. Ha! What a fun time with Aunt Waura!
in the car heading to the ranch, she had to wear my sun glasses :)
love this pic of Aves and Papa
This pretty much sums up the day...Papa chasing Avery
while my mom and I helped Laura with the pictures.

She loved the wagon rides with Papa!
"teaching" with Aunt Laura
all the little girls wanted to give hugs :)
they sang their time for lunch song for Avery and she danced
Checking out the reading corner

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Texas Tradition

The bluebonnets are in bloom and they are so pretty! Not nearly as pretty as my little girl posing in them though! I took her picture at my parents house. It was quite different than last year; I couldn't get her to stand or sit still for anything! I chased her and got a few pictures. It will be fun to see how she changes each year.
Where did this baby go?? What a difference a year makes! To think, I thought I was busy then. ;)