Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aunt "Waura"

Avery and I made a quick road trip to see my sister and go with her to have her bridal portraits done. Her portraits were done at the ranch were she is getting married. It was such a beautiful place. I wish I could show you the pics of the beautiful bride too, but you'll just have to wait till June. :) Avery had a great time running all over the ranch with her Papa. Before we left the next day, we visited Aunt Laura( or as Avery started calling her for the first time, "Waura") in her first grade classroom. Avery was in heaven in Laura's room. It looked like a tornado had hit when we left! She loved all the kids and they even sang to her. She danced for them of course as they sang. Ha! What a fun time with Aunt Waura!
in the car heading to the ranch, she had to wear my sun glasses :)
love this pic of Aves and Papa
This pretty much sums up the day...Papa chasing Avery
while my mom and I helped Laura with the pictures.

She loved the wagon rides with Papa!
"teaching" with Aunt Laura
all the little girls wanted to give hugs :)
they sang their time for lunch song for Avery and she danced
Checking out the reading corner

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