Saturday, June 15, 2013

First and Last

First day of PreK 2012
Last day of PreK 2013

 Avery and her teacher
 She was so proud to celebrate her August birthday the last day of school. So glad they remember the summer birthdays too!
I can't believe another school year has come and gone. Avery has grown so much! Not sure whether to beam with pride or curl up on the floor and cry;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Month of May...

We're still here! I will record our memories, I'm determined not to stop! I'm doing my best most days to keep every one alive seems like:) Man, being a mom is SO much harder than I ever dreamed. I'm exhausted 98% of the time. I know one day though, years from now, I'll be reading this post wishing I had the exhausting days back. It's worth the extra time to keep these memories! Some day I will print my blog. Some day after I get my head above water and get caught up with laundry that is:)

Here is a rewind of the last month in pictures. Can't believe May has come and gone!

The girls before church one Sunday. I love to take their pics in front of the Venture flag a few times a year. Shows how much they have grown! I have been doing it since Avery was about Adalyn's age here. 
 sweet sisters

 Avery continues to do well in gymnastics and really seems to like it. She is so much fun to watch!

 Avery at her gymnastics showcase after getting her medal
 So proud of our little gymnast!
 Little sis had to show her skills too. Her face CRACKS me up here!

 My parents came to town and we celebrated their birthdays. Avery loves a good excuse for a party!

 Adalyn with two of her besties at church:)

Avery had a fun bike rally at school. She had such a wonderful school year with great friends and wonderful teachers, 
 Avery and one of her best buds, Wes.

 Luke and I took a trip to Malibu, California the first part of the month. It was Ah-mazing! First trip away from the girls. He was teaching some classes at Pepperdine University for their Bible Lectureship and I just got to tag along. It was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed it so much. It is simply beautiful there! We enjoyed the beaches more than anything! I even got to see Gwyneth Paltrow and her family:)

 I did a lot of relaxing which seemed so foreign to me! Loved it!
 My crazy husband swimming in the freezing cold ocean! Life guard came to make him get out because he had no wet suit and the current was way too strong. He enjoyed every second though:)
We wrote the girls' names in sand. Funny how we needed a trip away from all the responsibilities of being parents and most all we could think about was them:)

While we were soaking up the California sun, the girls were with Nini and Papa. They probably had more fun than we did:)
 Avery loves this dog. He is literally over 4 times her size at 140lb! Champ loves her even more than she loves him. Sweetest. Dog. Ever.

 Grandparents and their grands

A pic from my 5th mother's day! Such a wonderful day spent with my favorites. They picked out the beautiful necklace I'm wearing, sent me for a massage and pedi and took me to my favorite place for dinner. Loved it! Mother's Day is one of my favorite days because there is nothing I'm more proud to be than a mommy to Avery and Adalyn. 

Avery had a splash day and carnival day the last week of school. It was a fun way to end such a great school year!

 Adalyn loves to tag along at all the school parties. They always have extras for her and Avery always makes her feel included. So precious.

 Fun photo booth at the carnival:)

 Adalyn "helped me" with all the games for the preschoolers:)
 Avery and her favorite teacher, Mrs. Tiffany
 Avery and a bestie, Shelby
 Wes, Avery and Pacer!

What a great, whirlwind of a month! We blinked and it was summer time! 
Wish I could bottle them up at this age and keep them forever:)