Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trip to the pool!

Our first trip to the pool this year! Addy's first trip to the pool ever! It was was a nice and toasty 90 degrees outside today but the pool was super cold still. It didn't hold Luke and Avery back though. They were in within 20 seconds of getting there:) We didn't count this as Adalyn's first swim because she didn't actually get in. One of her little footsies touched the water and she let me know how she felt about the cold water. It was still fun day. Aves and Daddy had fun swimming and Addy and I chilled poolside.:) Looking forward to many more pool trips this summer!

Avery just looked so sweet here to me. Almost like my little baby again:(
We had some friends join us in the pool:)

She tried the floaty out on dry land

Crazy girl having a blast in the freezing water!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Summer smocked of my favs!! And this is one of my new favorites pictures of my babies. Precious, precious girls!

Not many things cuter than a baby in a bubble suit. I could eat her up!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Months

Happy 8 months! You turned 8 months old on a special day, Easter. This past month you have changed more than any other. I can't believe how big you're getting! You have two new teeth on the bottom now, you can sit up much better on your own, you say "mama" ALL the time which I love, you have tried some more new foods and seem to like sweet potatoes the best so far(but you're picky and much prefer the real food, not the jars) you sit in a big girl car seat in the car and love to see out the window and "talk" to big sister, and you grab everything in sight. I can't believe how much difference a month makes! You simply complete our family. Your sweet, laid back and go with the flow personality is wonderful. You are always up for something fun and you're great about catching naps on the go. You love car rides, Praise Baby DVDs, playing with sister, mommy's phone, laughing at daddy when he is silly, chewing on anything and everything, being outside, and being sang to. I sing you "the baby" song every night just like I do for your sister and you just love it, seems to calm you and put you right to sleep as soon as you hit the crib. You are a great sleeper and have started to sleep much later just like big sis, yay!! You go to bed around 7 and get up at 9. You still wake one to two times in that time period to nurse. I honestly don't mind waking to feed you cause it's just part of the job for me and sleeping late is a good trade off! My favorite things about you at this age are how much you LOVE to be held and cuddled, I seriously think you would be super content to be on my hip all day long and never do anything else. I also love how you smile constantly and get so tickled by Avery. You can really tell how much you love her already. I couldn't go a minute without you in my world. I love you so much sweet girl!! Being a mommy to you and Avery is pure joy. I'll love you forever and as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!
Love, Mommy

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter weekend! It was great to have family here. My parents, sister, brother-in-law, Grandma and Aunt Gina all came to Denton to be with us. It meant the world to us! Being a ministry family, Easter weekend is not one that we can really travel to be with family. It was great to have them all here! Adalyn enjoyed her first Easter and turned 8 months old that day as well. Can't believe my baby is getting so big! Avery loved hunting eggs and talked about what Easter is all weekend. I'll never forgot this year and her talking about when Jesus "dived" and rose again. :)

Our little fam Easter morning.
My sweet babies

My sister and me with Adalyn
My parents and the girls
The girls digging into their Easter baskets
We had to hunt eggs in the living room that day because it was pouring rain all afternoon. It was kinda fun and Avery thought it was really neat that the bunny came into our house:)

Happy Easter everyone!! So thankful He is risen!!!

Egg Drop 2012

Venture, our church, had it's 2nd Easter Egg Drop. It was a great success! We had a huge turnout and it was a great day celebrating Easter with the community. We had bounce houses, face painting, petting zoo, great prizes, and the best part was when the Easter Bunny flew in in a helicopter and dropped thousands of eggs on the field!

Luke praying before the event.
My sweet sister got lots of mommy practice this weekend. She got up with Addy saturday morning, dressed and fed her and got her to the event. It was so nice to have the extra help and be able to do things without a baby strapped to me all morning:) My parents kept Avery overnight in a hotel so I really didn't know what to do with all my extra time and free hands!

Now Avery wants a pet bunny:)

Spotting the helicopter!

Avery and her buddies, Avery Kate and Allie from church. They all looked so cute in their purple spring clothes.
Love this pic! Compliments of my friend, Christy who is an awesome photographer and took pics with the bunny for the community for free.