Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trip to the pool!

Our first trip to the pool this year! Addy's first trip to the pool ever! It was was a nice and toasty 90 degrees outside today but the pool was super cold still. It didn't hold Luke and Avery back though. They were in within 20 seconds of getting there:) We didn't count this as Adalyn's first swim because she didn't actually get in. One of her little footsies touched the water and she let me know how she felt about the cold water. It was still fun day. Aves and Daddy had fun swimming and Addy and I chilled poolside.:) Looking forward to many more pool trips this summer!

Avery just looked so sweet here to me. Almost like my little baby again:(
We had some friends join us in the pool:)

She tried the floaty out on dry land

Crazy girl having a blast in the freezing water!


Tesha said...

I LOVE your bathing suit!!! Also the girls, where did you get them?:) look like a fun time, I don't blame Adalyn i hate cold water also LOL

Lindsay said...

Thanks Tesha!! Mine is just a cheapy from TJ Maxx:) The girl's suits are from that store!