Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hope every one had a great Easter weekend! We sure did! I love the way Avery explains what Easter is: "Jesus dived (died) and then he didn't really dive cause he came back and rose again. Easter is a party cause every one is happy about that!" Couldn't have said it better myself, Aves:) Seriously so thankful that He rose again! I just love Easter time. I took a ton of pics these last few days and I'm so behind on blogging! I'll have to hit all the Easter highlights in the next few blogs!
Avery's egg hunt at school was precious. I love seeing her interact with her friends.

Showing us their eggs!
The teachers trying to get a class pic to appease all the moms:) Look at my child posing, I'm in trouble!

Love her!

My matching girlies

This picture makes me happy. Such love!

Sweet girlies visiting the bunny. Avery loved him and asked if he had any pink bunnies in his family, ha!
This pic cracks me up. Adalyn is trying to figure out who or what I handed her off to:)

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Tesha said...

Your pretty little girls look precious! SO cute Avery's explanation of Easter :)