Saturday, July 31, 2010

TWO in two weeks!

I can’t believe my baby little girl will be two in just two short weeks!! J This last year has FLOWN by I feel like. I’m trying to be excited about it and not too teary. She just gets more fun with every new stage! We are beyond grateful for our sweet little girl!

Avery, Some things I don’t want to forget about you at this age are:

You started being able to repeat any word we ask you to about a month ago. It’s so cute to hear the way you say things!

You can say your name when someone asks you. You pronounce it “wavery”. Ha!

You love to cook in your kitchen, you say “I cook mommy!”

You love to cuddle, or snuggle as you say it. I love this!

You love to be read to and must sit in the lap of the person reading. Sitting beside is not good enough!

You still sign for a lot of things but you say the word with it. May favorite is “eat” and you point to your nose instead of your mouth. J

You tell us your food is “trash” when you don’t like something. Little toot!

You are a pretty good eater, still on the list of favs are: avocados, chicken, pancakes, spaghetti, apples, ketchup(you love this and will dip ANY food in it which grosses mom out sometimes)

You have been working on learning numbers and colors. Purple is your favorite and you like to point out everything that is purple. You can count to two and love to show us when you have two of something.

You love butterflies aka “why-whys”, dogs(any kind of animal really), choo choo trains, & baby dolls.

You love to show me everyone’s mommy and daddy at the store, on movies etc. When we see two dogs or two of anything, one has to be the momma and one is the baby. J

You like to pretend to be a baby. The other night we were at dinner and daddy and I were admiring a little tiny newborn at the table next to us. Her mother was rocking her and you crawled up in my lap and wanted me to rock you and feed you your milk like a baby. Melted me!

You favorite movies are Dora(obesessed with her and Boots!) and Max and Ruby

Your favorite thing to read is your Bible. You get so excited at night to read before bedtime. If you ever act upset when we say it’s time for bed, all I have to do is say "you want to read your Bible?” and you take off running so excited!)

Your blanket or "night-night" as you call it is your favorite thing! You can't sleep without it and we don't take it in stores or any where out, so when we are somewhere away from home, you like to talk about it and ask where it is a hundred times. You get soo excited when leave cause you get to have your "night-night" in the car. Not sure what we will do in kindergarten without it!! You still sleep with your paci aka "pappy" and you are quite fond if it. :) No plans of taking that away any time soon, no worries!

You love dancing! You break out into a dance at least 20 times a day, and not just a little dance, some major booty shaking! Daddy is slightly concerned about this. ;) I’m excited for you to start ballet in Sept!

You like to pray. It’s so cute to see you fold your little hands and say “pay”. You won’t let us forget at any meal. Other day at Hobby Lobby with mommy you asked the check out lady to pray with you. You insisted, despite me telling you that we would pray on the way to the car. You were irritated that she ignored your requests!

I love you to the moon and back baby girl! You are mine and your daddy’s world and our reason for everything. I love you and can’t wait for this next year with my two year old, tantrums and all!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

"I Cook!"

Lately Avery has been very into cooking. She brings me her apron to put on her and says "I cook!" She loves to take cookies, crackers etc. in her kitchen and bake them and then bring them to any willing taste tasters. Chloe is the biggest fan of this. :)
"Baking cookies is hard work. I take it very seriously." ;)
"Let's put them in to bake and do the baking dance!"
"Yay! The buzzer goes off and they are all done!"

"bye- bye every one!!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where did the time go??

We went to Avery's friend, Eden's 2nd birthday party this past weekend. It was fun to be with our friends, the Storments. I couldn't help but get a tad bit emotional(if you know me, this is pretty common ;)) over the fact that our babies are turning two! It just doesn't seem real to me. They have been friends since they were a month old and I still remember that so vividly. Now they are running around everywhere, talking, and acting too grown up. It kills me! Eden is such a precious little girl and I'm so thankful to have watched her grow these past two years. The Storments are moving to Abilene so we will miss being close, but we've already planned our first trip out there. :) Avery had a blast at the birthday party! I kept telling everyone who asked, "She's 23 months", not "She's almost two, or she'll be two in a few weeks," nope she is 23 months and I'm not ready to say the "t" word yet!

Eden's adorable little brother, Samuel
Avery and Daddy had a lot of fun!

cake face!!
Avery felt the need to monitor the gift opening to make sure she wasn't missing out on too much. ha!
She looks so big in this pic! She felt very big and cool in her candy necklace and it cracked me up.

sweet friends!

little trip down memory lane!

This cracks me up! Look at these little chubby bunnies :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"A Happy, Loving Family Is But An Earlier Heaven" -John Bowring

Aunt Laura and Uncle Blaine came to visit! We had SO much fun with them here. Avery really was in Heaven. :) She adores her "Waura" and "B" as she calls them. We had fun at the guy's softball game, went to a water park, lots of fun dinners, and Laura and I go to spend a day out shopping while the guys had Avery. Good times! We were sad to see them leave and can't wait for the next visit!

"Only an Aunt... can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister,
and share love like a friend."

At the Denton water park, it was a blast!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Splash Day, a Baby Shower and a Wedding!

What a busy and fun Saturday we had! We had a splash day with the kiddos from Venture. It was tons of fun. The kids had a blast and the parents enjoyed the pool too! Pretty much anything involving "waddee" Avery loves. :)

Avery was fascinated with the water balloons! She couldn't figure out what would happen to them when they popped. :)

blowing bubbles with Molly!
fun at the water table!
Tiffany with her cool hat and the girls
how cute are these two peas in a pod!?
Aves and daddy with her bud Casen and his daddy

I had a baby shower that I was helping with that afternoon and we also had a wedding to go to for some of our friends from college. Luke took Avery to the wedding so I could go to the shower. He told her he was taking her on a date. She walked around saying "daddy date!" Love it!
Me and my girl
my loves!

The baby shower was for one of my best friends, April. She is expecting Allie Grace in Sept. and I can't wait!! Avery and April's daughter, Avery Kate, are such big buddies and it will be so neat to have another little girl to run around with them.
The diaper cake I made for her :)
me and April
April and sweet Avery Kate

All the hostesses at the shower

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Staycation and Big Girl Room!

Avery took a trip to visit Mimi ( aka "Nini") and Papa for a few days and Luke and I had a little staycation as we called it. We didn't go anywhere but had a great time going out to eat, seeing movies, shopping, and sleeping in. I got so much done around the house as well. Most importantly, we painted and redecorated Avery's room. It was so much fun to do together. She has been in a big girl bed for a long time now but now she is in a twin bed and has a new room decor. :) She is slightly obessesed with butterflies (aka "whywhys" to Avery) so her room is done with accents of butterflies. We painted half of the room pink and left the other half offwhite. I had a quilt and other things picked out from PB and felt guilty that it was what I wanted and not really what she was excited about. So it was either butterflies or Dora. (I couldn't not quite bring myself to do the Dora room, I'm not that good of a mom. ha! ;)) We are having a butterfly and Dora 2nd bday party on the 7th of Aug. though! Anyways, her room turned out cute I think, I still have several things I need to finish and put in there. I can't wait for my big girl to get home so I can show her!
The sign above her room says "A princess sleeps here" Love it!

I painted the bed to match her dresser and added new knobs to her dresser to change it up a bit.
I got this quilt and sham with flowers and butterflies on it at TJ Max for a super good deal, I LOVE that store!
This is picture of the bargain bed I got at a GS a month or so ago before I refinished it. I got it for $20!!

You can't really see the butterflies flying over her dresser very well bc the lighting was weird in these pics. I made her a cork board as well to put pics and things she has painted on.

Love how her name turned out!(copied from PB magazine)
Luke's favorite thing in the room :)