Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Staycation and Big Girl Room!

Avery took a trip to visit Mimi ( aka "Nini") and Papa for a few days and Luke and I had a little staycation as we called it. We didn't go anywhere but had a great time going out to eat, seeing movies, shopping, and sleeping in. I got so much done around the house as well. Most importantly, we painted and redecorated Avery's room. It was so much fun to do together. She has been in a big girl bed for a long time now but now she is in a twin bed and has a new room decor. :) She is slightly obessesed with butterflies (aka "whywhys" to Avery) so her room is done with accents of butterflies. We painted half of the room pink and left the other half offwhite. I had a quilt and other things picked out from PB and felt guilty that it was what I wanted and not really what she was excited about. So it was either butterflies or Dora. (I couldn't not quite bring myself to do the Dora room, I'm not that good of a mom. ha! ;)) We are having a butterfly and Dora 2nd bday party on the 7th of Aug. though! Anyways, her room turned out cute I think, I still have several things I need to finish and put in there. I can't wait for my big girl to get home so I can show her!
The sign above her room says "A princess sleeps here" Love it!

I painted the bed to match her dresser and added new knobs to her dresser to change it up a bit.
I got this quilt and sham with flowers and butterflies on it at TJ Max for a super good deal, I LOVE that store!
This is picture of the bargain bed I got at a GS a month or so ago before I refinished it. I got it for $20!!

You can't really see the butterflies flying over her dresser very well bc the lighting was weird in these pics. I made her a cork board as well to put pics and things she has painted on.

Love how her name turned out!(copied from PB magazine)
Luke's favorite thing in the room :)


amy said...

sweet! what a gorgeous room! we are FAR from big girl beds... I can just see it now: R and R playing together all night! (they share a room!) :)

April Jackson said...

Love her room:) I just went to TJ Maxx today and saw that bedding. I walked around that store for an hour!

The Hammetts said...

I love the what you did with the bed...and I love that you found it for a bargin!!! Seems like i haven't seem y'all forever. Hope things are going well.

Kevin and Laura said...

love it lindsay! the butterflies over her dresser are awesome.