Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wedding part 1

My sister's wedding was last weekend and it was beautiful and so much fun. She was a beautiful bride! The wedding was at Red Corral Ranch, what a gorgeous place it was! I didn't really take that many pictures, but I feel sure my talented friend, Lisa, did a great job photographing and I can't wait to see them all. Avery had a blast being the flower girl and she was adorable of course. What a great and memorable weekend it was! These are some of the pics I got before the wedding of the bridesmaid's brunch and rehearsal dinner.
Daddy and Aves running around at the ranch
These pretty peacocks were everywhere at the ranch. They were friendly too and just wandered around during the wedding adding to the beauty of the place.
all the bridesmaids at the PJ brunch the morning of the wedding
The tables were decorated so cute and the food was soo yunmmy!

We enjoyed the pool before it was time to get ready for the wedding :)

The sweet hair dresser, Stephanie, did a great job on hair and makeup and she was 7 months prego enduring the heat!
the cutest flower girl I've ever seen!

"yay!" for the wedding the next day she was saying :)
The rehearsal dinner was so nice! I loved the decor.

the soon to be bride and groom :)

We got some good pics outside after the rehearsal dinner with all the pretty lighted trees

Love her!

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Kara Graves said...

You and your sister are just beautiful! Glad the wedding turned out so well for your family!