Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Don't Want to Forget...

My friend, Amy, gave me this idea. I often think something Avery does or says is so cute or sweet and I don't want to ever forget this stage. I never seem to remember to journal it so I'm sure I will forget if I don't. Not sure why I don't have time for that, hmmm. ;) That's the beauty of blogging though!

Lately, at 22 months, these are a few of my favorite things Avery does/says:

-She loves to pray. The other day we were in the Dillards dressing room and I had a swim suit half on and she demanded "pray momma!" with her little hands clasped. So we prayed right then. :) Love it!
- She says "sorry" in the sweetest little voice when she has upset me or gets in trouble. It's precious. Sometimes it's kinda pitiful when she says it over and over for something like spilling drink.
-She loves to go the pool and swim. She calls it going to the "wadee"(water)
-She has started time out a few months ago and does pretty well with it (when she wants to, ha!) Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes she needs a spanking bc time out doesn't work. The other day I had to spank her bc she would NOT listen and she laughed at me after I did it. Oh my! I have my hands full!!
-She put one of her toys in time out the other day and cracked me up
-She loves to tell EVERYONE we see when we're out hi. She says "hi wady!!" (hi lady) to people all the time when we are out and they just laugh and wave back. She used to point to people in the stores and ask who they were and I would say a lady, so that's where she got it from.
-She is very outgoing and fearless. She adores the huge cow at Chic -fil-A and hugs him and gets him to dance with her when we go in there now. Most of the other kids her age are a little timid, bot not her. She's a hoot!
-She loves having her toes done and will bring the toe nail polish to me and say "toes?". That's my girl! Ha!
-She loves to put on lotion, or "showtion" as she calls it. She brings me a bottle often and asks "showtion??" Or sometimes she will just get the bottle herself and dump it all out and lather up. I much prefer when she asks!
-She loves to go to Target with me. She calls it "momma's" when we pull up. Kinda sad cause that shows you how much we go. :)
-She loves to take "showshers" (showers) When she hears one of us going to shower, she starts ripping her clothes off to join!

I LOVE this girl and I know she will just keep amazing me with every new stage!

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