Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aug. 14th

Can't believe my baby is FOUR! It can't be true that it has really been 4 whole years since they placed a sweet baby bundle in my arms who changed my life forever. I can tell this is going to be such a fun age! Avery is such a big girl now and I'm soaking her in as much as I can before all her 'babyness' is gone. We celebrated her on her real birthday and it was so special.  She knows the difference now between her party and her actual birthday. She got to pick everything we did that day and she loved every second. She also really enjoyed all the phone calls and cards from family that day. She is so loved. Her requests were: Chic Fil A for lunch, The Disney Store to look around, Carousel ride and a pretzel from the mall. Girl knows what she wants, cracks me up! Sweet memories!!

We filled her room with balloons after she fell asleep the night before her birthday. She was so excited to wake up to them. 

 Bday pancakes!
 Opening her gift from Mommy and Daddy and baby sis

 Little poser at the mall
 The Disney Store, always a fav!
The Carousel! 

 Finally enjoying that pretzel she thought about all day:)

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