Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st Birthday!

Sweet Adalyn,
You're a one year old now!! Hard to believe one year has come and gone. You have brought so much joy to our family this last year. We love you so much!! You've changed so much this last month! You are all over the place, crawling and pulling up/cruising on everything. No walking yet and you haven't taken any steps yet. You're so content to sit and play with sister or be in some one's lap. You are still such a laid back baby. You have started showing more of your super fun personality now. You're quite a feisty little thing and will let someone know when you want something or don't want something. You love to yell! You sign for "milk", and "all done" You nap once a day whenever you can get it, you're a great shopping baby and will wait for your nap till 1-2 if needed. You sleep about 13-14 hours at night which is awesome; going down at 7 and and waking between 8:30-9am. A couple times a week you wake around 11pm to nurse. Your favorite foods right now are, bananas, raisin bread, spaghetti, avocado, peanut butter and jelly, chicken and green beans. You're a great eater and you're always happy if you have food in your hand! You're favorite things to do are: playing with sister(you want to everything singe thing she does) playing with the doll house, baths, singing and clapping, dancing to music(you love to bob your head!) reading and being attached to mom's hip. To say you're adorable doesn't even cover it! You're super squeezable cheeks, big eyes and smile are just too much for me. I love the way you cuddle, study my face while we sing before bed, they way you're so mesmerized by your sister, and how excited you get over the simplest things. Life is so sweet with you in it!! August 8, 2011 changed my life forever and I'm so very thankful for the blessing you are! Love you sweet Addy girl! Happy First Birthday!
Love, Mommy

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