Monday, October 11, 2010


Avery has been very into learning about "pumpicks" as she calls them. :) Beacause of pumpkins, she has also learned the color orange and loves to point out things that are orange like pumpicks! At first she begged to eat them and called them big peaches but now she has learned to tell the difference. Ha! I made pumpkin bread the other day and she loved that too! We had some friends over for a playdate and decorated pumpkins; it was lots of fun!
Liam and Avery decorating their pumpkins

Casen working hard on his pumpkin
Sweet sisters, Kallie and Klaire
And this is what happens when mommas of toddlers turn their back for 2 seconds to talk. :) Thank goodness it is washable paint!
Some of the finished pumpkins, super cute!!

On Saturday,we went as a family to the pumpkin patch. It was a blast! We had gone to the same one last year too. Avery loved all the pumpkins and wooden characters. She ran 100 miles an hour the whole time saying hi to everyone and Luke and I were WORN out by the time we left. :) I have no idea where my child gets her spunk and energy from, wish I had it too!
My little baby last year, I just have to reminisce. sniff sniff....
Wow, what a difference a year makes!

She had to hug EVERY single one of her favorite characters on our way through. It craked us up! Only the ones she likes the most got hugs.

Minne Mouse must be very special because she got a kiss too!

I think she even wore herself out a little bit beacause she
stopped to do this on our way out. :)


Kara Graves said...

I love how she gave hugs to all her "friends", Lucas does that too. I about had a heart attack when I saw your floor. . .guess I have that to look forward to huh? I am still in that crazy mind set that I can always have my house looking neat and kid-free;)

The Hammetts said...

Love the pumpkins...they did suck a good job!