Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet the Teacher and 2 yr. Check up

Avery starts a Mother's Day Out program next week. She will go one day a week for now to ease into it. (ok, more like to ease mommy into it) I think she will love it, though I know there will be some tears when I drop her off. More from me I'm sure! We went to her "meet the teacher" day on Thursday and she got to see her room, meet her teacher and some friends. Ms. Wendy is her teacher and she seemed really sweet. Avery wouldn't really have anything to do with her and refused a pic, but I'm sure she will warm up! Her class is the Ducks and her room is called the Duck Pond! Love it! I am excited about her going here and all the friends she will meet. There seemed to be lots of fun things they have planned through out the year and I signed up to help with every one of them. Ha! What am I going to do about Kindergarden...can't even go there now. ;)
This was taken when we registered back in March. She looks so tiny here!

didn't take her long to find the kitchen and a new friend to play with
me and my sweet girl

I couldn't believe it was time for a 2 year check-up. That just sounds too old for Avery! She did well and checked out great. She loves her doctor and wanted to give her lots of hugs before she left. Dr. Adams said "sit on your mommy's lap so I can listen to you" and she got in her lap rather than mine. :) I'm glad we have such a great doctor that Avery loves too!
She weighed in at a whopping 21.4 pounds! She is so, so tiny. Dr. Adams says she perfectly healthy though. :) She was in 25% for height and the just barley the 3% for weight.
Getting all checked out!

Nothing like animal crackers to make you feel better after a doctor's appt. and two shots!

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April Jackson said...

I am glad that she is getting used to ducks and duck ponds so now all Uncle Chris has to do is teach her how to hunt them... :)CJ