Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Avery is taking ballet this Fall and she had her first class this week. She really loves to dance and I knew this would be something she would enjoy. She was so adorable I could hardly stand it! Literally, all the little girls were too precious to handle. One mom next to me was seriously bawling...I wasn't that bad. :) I was worried about how she would do in class without me because she is really a little too young for the class.(the closet girl in age was 5 months older) She had a blast though! Her bow broke right before class and I was worried she would loose it but she pulled herself together. A girl has to have her bow you know! ;) She only "showed her age" by wandering off when she would get bored and wave to people outside or do a little booty shaking while watching herself in the mirror. Little ham! We still haven't decided on which studio we will go with and may be visiting some more classes before we choose. Looking forward to many fun classes with my tiny dancer!

This picture cracks me up! The teacher lined all the girls up against the wall and they were going to watch her demonstrate. She said "ready, set" and Avery got down and took off sprinting thinking they were racing! It was too funny. Made everyone laugh. Too many track jeans in her blood line I guess. :)

Breaking away to wave to the parents at the window. :)


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Leah J. said...

Ok, TOO CUTE for words!!!! I want to come watch a class with you sometime! No ballet classes in this boy house :)