Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd Birthday Party!

Avery's birthday party was so much fun! I loved seeing her so excited about it and I absolutely loved working on all the details that I knew would make her smile. All the butterflies (aka"why-whys") and Dora was SO exciting for her. She would run around and squeal at every thing. :) She had almost all of her buddies there so she was in Heaven at her favorite place, The Little Gym, with her friends. Such a fun day and such sweet, sweet memories!

birthday girl with mommy and daddy
with two of her favorite peeps, Mimi("nini" as Avery calls her) and Papa

She cracks me up!

fearless girl flipping backwards on the bars

She LOVES her aunt and uncle!!

They sat her in the middle of the parachute as we twirled her around and we all sang to her. Of course she loved the attention. :)
jumping fun!

She has really been enjoying dressing up and playing mommy with her new toys!


anyreasonforcake said...

What a beautiful "why why" party for your beautiful girl!

Did you know you can take her to Walmart on 8/14/10 to celebrate Dora's 10th birthday? There will be cupcakes, favors and a free photo with Dora. Check for times.

Kara Graves said...

Happy Birthday Avery!