Monday, November 14, 2011

I can dress myself

We reached a sad new phase in our house. All I hear when it's time to go somewhere is, "I can dress myself mom!" It's very sweet but sometimes what she comes up with kills me. Part of the fun of having little girls is dressing them up and I sadly have to almost bribe her to wear the cute outfits I want her to wear! It's quite often either Hello Kitty or a princess dress that she wants. I think I have finally convinced her that we don't need to dress up in Cinderella's Ball dress to go to the store, we can save that for home. Her argument for a long time was, "but Mom, I am Cinderella today and I need people to know that." How do you argue that?? I hate to crush her spirits so I often caved but luckily she has chosen to leave the tiaras and dress up at least for now anyways. I try to let her do her thing and not constantly tell her no when she picks things out, but sometimes it's a must. I just have to take her picture sometimes and laugh at what she comes up with. :)

This made it out of the house. Everything from head to toe is HK. She was very proud of herself and made sure to show anyone in Target who would pay enough attention to her.
She lost this argument... I love how her shoes are on the wrong feet to top it off
This might have been okay but it was 40 degrees out so we had to have a 20minute discussion about the seasons and how we wear appropriate clothes according to them. I was almost too tired to go anywhere by the time we were ready;)
This posing cracks me up. We were going to dinner and she came running out saying she was all ready. She said, "I look so pretty, right mom?" That she did. She is becoming quite the diva:)

At least this little cutie let's me pick out whatever I want still. I better enjoy it while I can :)

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