Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Girl

Life with a crazy little 3 year old is so fun. Avery keeps me laughing all the time. I must document her funnies so I never forget what she was like at this age.:) She is SO full of personality. She is sassy and very sweet and sensitive at the same time. She really never slows down. I joke that she is either asleep or going 100 miles an hour. She's been like that her whole life and when she was about 18 months old, I didn't know if I would survive the toddler years chasing her;) She will talk a stranger's arm off and quite often embarrasses me in public by what she says. It's so innocent though so I just have to pray that other people either don't hear her or aren't offended! Here's the funny things I remember from this week....She walked out of her room last night after being tucked into bed and I said, "Avery get back in bed it's time to go to sleep." She says, " Mom, hold on just 2 seconds, I just came out here to tell you some truth. I have been playing in my room for a wittle bit while you thought I was asleep, okay?"
I took her to the park to play cause the weather is so nice and there was another little girl there. The little girl was a little shy and kinda acted sad(or maybe Avery was just a little too much for her:) Avery said to her and her mom, "Why is she sad? Is it because she doesn't know me and she isn't my friend? I'll be her friend!" Too sweet and funny. Poor thing thinks everyone is just dying to be her friend I guess.
She told a lady in line at Walmart that her pants looked "just a wittle bit dirty and kinda weird". That was awesome.
She calls her hair crazy hair when she needs it combed and fixed. So when we saw a women at the store who really did need to comb her hair, she had no problem shouting, "Mom, that lady (while pointing straight at her) has crazy hair like I do sometimes at home." See why I get embarrassed??:)
After I set her plate in front of her at dinner tonight she says to me, "oh, that looks delicious sweetheart."
As a man wheeled his wife ,who was in a wheelchair, past us in a parking lot one day, Avery says to her, "That's a cool stroller." She smiled.
She is constantly standing on the fire place putting on "shows" for us and performing. It's quite hilarious. The other day when ran in Target to get just one thing so I let her walk with me. She spotted this platform that was displaying a baby stroller, baby bed and such. She thought it must be a stage for her to show off, so she proudly ran up on and it and shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my show!" There were two or three people near by who died laughing. I did too.
Avery, being your mom is both exhausting and so fun. You make my life so much better and so many of my smiles begin with you. I love you SO much! I hope you have a little girl just like you one day so will know the joy you have brought to me.

Some pics from this week that make me smile...
Yes, she is using the ENTIRE roll of TP. I just happened to walk by the bathroom to catch this. She said,"It's important to wipe mom."

Wearing my wedding veil...sniff, sniff

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