Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Months Old

Addy girl,
You're 3 months old! I almost let the day slip away from me before I realized it was your big day. It just doesn't seem like three months have come and gone. You are a pure JOY. You're just the best baby ever! (Avery, I love you just the same, you were just a tad more high maintenance for momma;)) You are just so content all the time. You never cry unless you get too tired. You like your paci when you're sleepy or hungry. You still nurse every 3 hours during the day and you have slept through the night several times already but not consistently, usually you will go anywhere from 4-8 hours at night. You smile all the time and love it when people talk to you. You started giggling and it melts me. You really love to be held, it doesn't bother me a bit if I'm spoiling you;) You like riding in the car, the swing, Baby Einstein, and floor time. To say you adore your big sis would be an understatement. You love to hear her voice and smile so big when she talks to you. You almost rolled over this morning from your back to your tummy because you were trying to watch what she was doing. You've got the sweetest little rolls that I love! Your big cheeks and lips are adorable! I love you so much and our whole family is so thankful for you. You are loved more than you'll ever know baby girl!
Much love, your Mommy

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