Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

Avery's preschool Christmas program was this morning. A bunch of preschoolers up on stage singing is about the cutest thing ever! Avery kept waving to us, it was too cute. Pretty much none of the kids really sang loud except for little girl who yelled, cracked me up.:) They all did such a good job. At the end, they always sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I love all that she learns about Jesus at her school.

They were riding their donkeys into Bethlehem :)

Her little class(minus her bestie Avery Kate)
Family pic! Avery was so proud of herself afterwards. She loved that everyone clapped and cheered:) She wanted to know if Addy watched her and liked it. I thought that was too sweet!
My sweet girl!
Waving bye. I was afraid she would be sad to tell us bye and go back to class but she wasn't. She told me she had a very busy day and that she needed to go. Ha!

This is too cute for words! She got to play Mary in class. One of her best friends at school, Wes, was her Joseph. I think she was a good little mommy to baby Jesus:)

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